It is incredibly fascinating to see the way we, as a society, all manage to describe snapshots of our personal lives through different methods, especially in a world like the one we are living in right now.

To Yours Truly, there are not many things better than music, to help to describe a life journey or to frame a special moment of our existences through lyrics and sounds, just as so beautifully did the New York City-based singer/songwriter Heather Eatman on her brand new album, called Gorgeous Maze.

Written in loving memory of Eatman's brother Geoffrey, Gorgeous Maze is a marvelous journal into the path of redemption and discovery of a troubled soul like Eastman herself, a path that has allowed the Texas-born artist, especially through her new album, to provide a new, more positive light to the often complicated characters that populate her eclectic macrocosm of everyday's life.

For her brand new record, Eatman has been working with her long time friend and collaborator Mark Plati (Bowie, Dave Navarro, Hooverphonic, Robbie Williams etc.) who has co-written and mixed some of the album's songs, together with playing on many of the songs comprised in Gorgeous Maze.

Heather Eatman's strong sense of narrative and natural ability in creating uplifting melodies are certainly key factors in a record that speaks genuinely to the heart of the listeners, especially due to heartwarming, disarming honesty flowing from the songs' lyrics and Eatman's fabulous vocal skills.

Each song included in Gorgeous Maze has got a specific reason to be there, because it constitutes an essential tile in the mosaic of urban tales so masterfully and intensely narrated by Heather Eatman.

From the irresistible choruses of the opener Red Wine "...I am sheer confusion, I am joy and shame, gotten high on you 'til I don’t know my name.." to the touching, emotional tune about loneliness that is Home "... My home hasn't got a room for guilt and shame...", right to the closing tune called Come Back Love, where Eatman delivers one of, in our opinion, the best songs of her whole career to date, Gorgeous Maze is an amazingly profound roller-coaster in the life and music of one of the most clever and inspired true American Troubadours of the last half a century.

Gorgeous Maze just comes to show that, when it comes to the art of storytelling and how to craft beautiful melodies through some strong choruses and lyrics, in 2021, there are not many artists out there capable to do so like the very talented Heather Eatman does, on her truly enchanting new record.





Gorgeous Maze is out now and it is available to be purchased on Heather Eatman's Official Website