The Ware River Club

wrcA local record store owner introduced this band to me when I was looking for something new. Unfortunately, it was this summer 2009, several years after this album was published and the band had already dispersed.

Matt Hebert... Come back! Come back!

We hear he moved out of state with his wife, there is a solo album out there by Hebert, which includes more acoustic works, and Hebert has a new band called, "Haunt", but this WRC collection for Cathedral is an unequivocal gem.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like this album. I kept it in my car all summer and fall and anyone riding with me fell in love with the warm guitar tones in the first few notes. The sound is as comfortable as a favorite ...what ?? pair of blue jeans ? blanket ? grilled cheese on a chilly day ? The mix of guitar and Matt's voice is the sound of a favorite anything that feels like home, because this album will take you home time and time again.

My groovy friend from the city thinks this band sounds like Marah. I don't know, I've heard a few Marah tunes, but Ware River Club seems to keep to themes both in tone and lyric. WRC seems to have its own vibe, even though the band has only made a few albums. I think WRC may sound more like the Wallflowers but with an earthier tone and more sophisticated lyrics.

Long Way Down. A good opener for the album, this smooth unassuming track lays out the tone of what's to come.

Ocean-size. This is a signature track and the song begins with a little history and builds to capture the embrace of a past love finally realized. Now, we breathe underwater this love is ocean-size.

If I Accidentally Take Your Life. This song is clever, funny, witty and immensely serious at the same time. It takes responsibility for one's wants and dreams to override another's, but in the end, we're all gonna die someday, so what's the problem, really ? The only part of the song I don't like is the child reciting the lines toward the end, little kids over-voicing on adult albums creeps me out.

Broken Light. This is mine and everyone's favorite by far. They hid it two thirds of the way into the track list, but it carries the album and the video is cool, too. The song floats. It cuts through the barriers of communication, time, aspirations and even other boundaries. It sees through you and calls to the other to meet halfway, connect in a real way "Won't you be my sanity tonight?" It is the comfort of understanding to your achy soul. "Hold on real tight, til the moment when I'm blue in the face and I'm not breathin light."

The rest of the album is just as solid, with a few twists in tempo for Bring It On which makes it sound to me like an old school Psychedelic Furs take on indie. Up Again is Matt Hebert, vocals only and rings through the angst of life like a Church bell on a foggy day. Cathedral is just that.

Other tracks:

  • Midnight
  • Cathedral
  • List
  • The Wire
  • The Deep End
  • Bring it On
  • Roll On Down
  • Up Again


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