It's always a healthy sign, for the music industry, to see that illustrious artists that have done so well in their career still carry, within themselves, that sparkle that lights their fleur and their inspiration to keep on writing new and very interesting material.

This is pretty much the case of the British guitar Maestro Robin Trower, who, after a long hiatus from the Blues/Rock scenes, has made a remarkable return with a new album called Joyful Sky, which features one of the most talented and highly skilled singer/songwriter around, Sari Schorr.

To celebrate the release of Joyful Sky, Trower and Schorr have decided to record a live performance filmed in UK, which would include a setlist mostly based on the songs part of the album, plus some of Trower’s most celebrated tunes of his career.

Trower and Schorr’s streamed live set was available to be purchased on line by the artists' many fans on 4th November 2023, a 45-minutes showcase that, quite frankly, was worth every penny.

At the venerable age of 78, Trower’s guitar skills are as wonderful as they were 40-plus years ago, especially on some songs of the artist's new album, like No More Worlds To Conquer and The Distance, among others.

Both artists, supported solely by a Rhythm Section on stage, look and sound strong and sharp at every stage of the performance and combine their remarkable talents together extremely well, in this very entertaining and convincing live set. 

Sari Schorr is, undoubtedly, one of the most loved and highly respected Blues/Rock singers and songwriters from both sides of the Pond. Her vocal approach to each of the songs performed on the night was pitch perfect as always, no matter whether it was a slow number, like the hypnotic Need For You or something more up-tempo, like the Funk-charged Change It.

The show ends on another high with the thunderous Rise Up Like The Sun, a high-energy Rock And Roll song where both Trower and Schorr deliver a breath-taking performance that seals beautifully this excellent live set that launched, effectively, the release of their album Joyful Sky, a joint effort of great lyrical, vocal and sonic body of work.