By S. A. Hussey

"You are the stars that mystify me and you are the wolf that frightens the thief and you

are the voice that they disbelieve. We are not chained to the wheel. And you are the spark

that sets us all free…" ~~lyrics from Rise by The Cult

Memories of the Return To The Wild Tour

I saw the Cult several years ago at Hampton Beach Casino in New Hampshire during their tour, Return To The Wild. The music was a wild ride staying true to the Cult’s energetically spirited style, which has always left an indelible impression.

It’s been a while since that performance but I still look back on that magical night with enthusiasm, much fondness and a smile. The Cult performed an acoustic version of a song rarely played in concert which was (and still is) one of my favorites - "Star.". To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. I was over the full moon that shone brightly in the evening sky and laid its spotlight against the dark ocean water that night.


The Cult played all the crowd favorites: "Fire Woman," "Sweet Soul Sister," and "The Witch." They performed to a wild, animated group of passionate Cult fans; the group gave it all and the crowd gave it right back. The energy soared and at times, was fervently primal. The band rocked it hard and we, the fans, rolled like wolves running through the night.


I was lucky enough to meet Billy Duffy, Chris Wyse and John Tempesta after the show that night. All three were the perfect gentlemen. I expected to be greeted by full on rock star personas and was met with smiling, friendly faces willing to chat with fans about music, life and what they thought of Hampton Beach. They answered all questions jovially and signed autographs without question. It was definitely a night I will always remember.

The Cult will Tour in 2012 with new a album, Choice of Weapon, to be released May 22nd, 2012.


On May 22nd The Cult will release their new CD, Choice of Weapon and kick-off a long-awaited tour starting May 25th in San Diego, CA, ending June 22nd in Tempe, AZ. Along the way they will perform again at the Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, NH as well as the House of Blues in Boston, MA. I, for one, cannot wait for the release of the CD and the tour. The Cult is going to rock and I'll be there shamanically dancing with my war paint on and my weapon of choice - music.

Watch the new video, "For the Animals," from Choice of Weapon (Cooking Vinyl).