Whitey's Rock Review:

Well have I been forever changed by my latest musical experience. On Friday night I had the awesome treat of going to see Phish at Bethel Woods. I don't know much about their music except for the stuff I had heard on Sirius Satellite Radio. Jam band is what Ive heard them referred to. Very much along the lines of the Dead.

Well Ive learned over the many years of seeing live music that if I have the chance to see a band live GRAB IT!!!!!!! The alternative being sitting in front of the tv channel surfing.

I went with some good friends. Some of which are in the band I play in. There had been alot of reports that this could have been a huge crowd because Phish has a huge following and it was the first of 3 shows on Memorial day weekend. They even closed schools around Bethel in anticipation of lots of traffic. We got there early so we could hang before the show and eat and drink and just hang out.

The crowds in the parking lot were friendly and happy to be alive at a Phish show. People were playing Frisbee, dancing, and having a great time. Music came from every direction from car stereos. I love to watch especially being sober so i can take every moment in. When it was time to go in we all walked with the crowd through the gates to find our spots on the hill. Bethel is a great place to see an out door show. I've seen a couple of great shows here in the past.The show was sold out.

When Phish came out and started to play I felt as though I was part of something magical. EVERY person in the crowd began to dance and move to celebrate the music and life. NOT a person was sitting. Not a one. I myself was moved to dance, but that in itself could be a story. The crowd was made up of young and old, male and female,and just about anything else you could think of. And it seemed for the moment we were all one seeing things and feeling things exactly the same.

They played for 2 hours and took a half hour intermission. It gave us time to rest up as well as them. They came out and played another 2 hour set. The band sets up in a straight line. Not like traditionally were the drummer is in back and the guitar and bass are to each side and the keys are off to the side. The guitar work was great. The bass grooved. The drums were on spot. The keys set great melody with clever vocals. But for me it was not about how good each member could play but how they gelled together to set a sound to make all of us connect and dance.

For me I loved being part of the whole vibe. Ive learned never to stop being a fan of music. To never stop going to see live music. And to always open my soul to the sound. Phish was a great experience for me.

Life without music would be like life without life!!!!!!!