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14577 10152808350508446 2467348564042519792 nI have come across many talented artists in my time as a writer. The vast majority of them revealed themselves to be not just fabulous and talented artists but great human beings too.

Emiliana Torrini, though, goes a notch above any music personalities I have ever met. Her charisma, talent, sweetness and grace make the Italo-Icelandic singer/songwriter one of the most refreshing artists of the whole music scene, worldwide. After many years spent in the United Kingdom, Emiliana has decided to go back to her homeland in Iceland, in which she is not just fully immersed in her career in the music business but also as a full-time parent of a 5-year old child.

When we talk to Emiliana, she sounds as always very relaxed and outgoing. The singer/songwriter has just come back from a Tour date in Spain, which she confides as being a truly remarkable experience.

Emiliana released her latest work back in 2013, a very intense album called Tookah and she is  with us today to talk about this record and to offer to the readers of Bluebirdreviews a brief overview of her very successful career so far.

Tookah is a made-up word, created to describe what life and love are for Emiliana Torrini. But I wonder whether Tookah is more a state of mind in which all human beings are born or, maybe,  just a stage of our lives we all would like to reach. "For me personally, it is more about being born with this concept; it is what you really are deep inside. Initially, when we started working on this record, due to the fact that myself and the band were working for almost 24 hours a day, this word came up just as a joke to help us to chill out. That word, then, got stuck with me and kept me thinking of a wonderful series of images in my mind, to the point I got so enthusiastic about this word that I just wanted badly to sing it in one of my songs. Tookah, as a word, also helped me to connect even deeper my mind with that series of images I was telling you about and made me think about how connecting myself to that word made me feel, which was a wonderful feeling. I have been, at that time (the record was released in 2013), in a particularly vulnerable state of mind, where I had a new identity, the fact of coming back to Iceland and the big responsability of being a parent. I think that, becoming a mother, was so immense for me that I might have not realised what to do as a parent and how to behave, which was almost, at the same time, strangely beautiful for me. Sometimes though, things were a little tricky in this new part of my life and that was a little infuriating at time. Then, all of a sudden, you discover to have this immense love inside of you, by living this new stage of my life that my little body felt almost like exploding! Those series of images/visions that I mentioned before, helped me to find my inner self, perhaps a new and different myself, where nothing really matters anymore. All I thought life was gifting me with in all these years, made me move one step back and another one forward at the same time. A step towards that inner feeling, that "Tookah", where all reconnect together again and make sense. Sometimes, I guess, I may sound a little complicated when I try to express what that word means to me and I almost feel a little sense of guilt towards my fans, to have called the album like that. It may confuse people!".

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(Photo courtesy of Stephen Fourie)

When some music genres are played with true passion, desire and drive, it doesn't matter when the music itself comes from. Blues is not a genre that gets associated to countries like South Africa, normally. Still, the country in question has been able to unleash to the world in the last few years, one of the finest blues guitarists and songwriter of this generation and his name is Dan Patlansky.

The Bright Side Of The Music: An Interview with Robben Ford

by Giovanni "Gio" Pilato  

PRD74542 450Artists are often defined by the level of class and versatility they are able to put in their works through the years and the ability to diversify their style, by keeping it constantly fresh and modern. In essence, to be able to be one step beyond the ladder of music geniality to anybody else.

Robben Ford, without a shadow of doubt, belongs deservedly to the very top of such ladder and an album like Into The Sun is a clear mirror of his incredible talent. An album of many layers, elegant, surprising at times but always upbeat, in a way that just the American guitarist is able to create.

It's my second meeting with Robben and today, he looks very relaxed and excited, at the same time, to see how people will react to the release of his new album. He greets me in a very good Italian and my first question to him is, whether the album title is related to the contemporary sounds used on the album or there is a hidden meaning about calling the album Into The Sun. "I am sorry to disappoint you", says Robben, "but the title's idea came from the photoshoot. We did series of shots of me walking into the sun and that is where the idea came from. My initial thought was to call the album Flow but after watching the shots we did for the album cover, I thought that Into The Sun was a fit name for the album". 

There will always be rock and roll stories into that formidable art, which is music. Some of those made-up, some other half true and half not, some other times there are stories so true that leave indelible scars for life on the skin of the artists in question.

Beth Hart's skin has gone through a lot of those scars but the American artist is now, happily, going through a fast healing process. Love is, perhaps, the greatest healer of all in Hart's current moment of her life and career. That love that Beth Hart has not been able very often to materialize into songs in her past records until recent times. Better Than Home, her brand new album, represents perhaps, despite the long recording process, the most intimate and positive work she has ever done.

Beth Hart has kindly accepted to talk to Bluebirdreviews about her new record, in this exclusive interview.

by Gio Pilato

Rewind the film: I met Sandi Thom about three times between June and October 2013 and the impression I could perceive at the time was of a talented young woman with a fabulous album out (Flesh And Blood) but seemed troubled. Despite the kindness she always showed every time we met, there was something I could detect, something that was hidden, and she was just dealing with it personally, like any brave Scot would do.

Winter 2014 in South UK and the fabulous and talented young woman I met an year earlier, suddenly looks so different as we shake hands; despite all she had been through lately (her break-up with Blues Titan Joe Bonamassa had just recently been confirmed by Sandi herself via Social Network), she looks serene, relaxed and at the same time, very determined.

"I honestly don't mind talking about my recent break-up, but at the same time I do appreciate you are asking no questions about it".

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