Every Spring, BBR writer, Al Whirly sends in a collection of up to date folk, pop, and indie songs that he thinks are stand outs from the prior year. Sometimes he is right on the money in predicting listener bliss and other times, the spins could very well be a quick frisbee. Let's take a listen to the Whirly picks for 2013.

Deer Tick

The Dream's In The Ditch


The band Deer Tick has their dream wrapped up, so this upbeat anthem is to appease the frustrated followers who've fallen short. The controversial video played backwards reflects the contrasts in the song. It's a nice change for the band to have some harmonious tunage in their back pocket, but the upside down to contrast reversed lyrics continue the band's irony, which has made them front liners.

The Avett Brothers

 Apart From Me


The Avett Brothers can do no wrong in blending interesting, dreamy acoustics, bass foundations and twinkling accents, with deep meaningful lyrics. Is the mirror that reflects true love, which exists beyond wisdom and time, a rear view or in front of you? Letting go in the face of what could have been is a life long journey for some. These songs make that process a natural part of love itself. The band speaks the unspeakable. Last year's pick was the chilling soul search of February Seven - and it still haunts. The new album, Magpie and The Dandelion, is no fool's gold. It's the real deal in transmuting what your heart has wanted to sing all along. Somehow, maybe you don't have to let go, because The Avett Brothers find the words and it all makes sense.

Jason Anderson

July 4, 2004

We love Jason Anderson.


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The Wire

Techno pop with an 80's throwback is not a surprise here. Quick lyric - easy listening rap, makes what could otherwise be a buzzed out synth mess with occasional snaps for good measure, turn into a catchy tune.

Patrick Dethlefs

While You're Carrying The Weight


Patrick Dethlefs. Who is this man? This band? I want to interview him!

Yo La Tango


What a brilliantly bizarre video. It makes historic and random bands into an 'equation' and then takes off into a psychedelic Sargent Pepper's like burst of color. The monotone flat affect of the song is cut by some crafty guitar work, which could be brought to the forefront, although that might miss the point of the song.