by Gio Pilato

Rome is often described as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world but what many don't know is that, behind the sheer beauty of its monuments, there is one of the most prolific and robust blues generation that Italy has produced for a very long time.

One of the most inspired records of 2013 belonging to the "Nouvelle Vague" of Italian blues comes from the Dead Shrimp, a three-pieces band made by Alessio Magliocchetti Lombi on guitar, Sergio De Felice as lead singer and Gianluca Giannosso on drums. Their debut album has been recognized by the Italian press as one of the most powerful and intense records of 2013.

Bluebirdreviews is delighted to have today Alessio Magliocchetti Lombi to talk about their brilliant debut album.

A dressing room is generally a place in which the musician starts to concentrate before a live show and sometimes the humour can be slightly moody. Not with Tal Bergman, though. One of the most talented drummers in the world, and the brain behind the Rock Candy Funk Party project, Bergman welcomed BR with open arms like an old friend he has not seen for a very long time! This certainly set up the interview to be a special one and indeed it was.

With an enormous and charming smile on his face, Tal talked to us about his career as a drummer and the Rock Candy Funk Party, their debut record and the forthcoming live album that promises to be a real big hit. The project includes the finest names in the music business, from Joe Bonamassa to Ron DeJesus, Mike Merritt and Renato Neto.

BR meets Italian guitarist and singer/songwriter Adriano Viterbini in a cold winter day in Rome, with the dusk just coming on the beautiful Roman Hills. Viterbini looks in great shape and ready to kick-off his mini USA Tour in January 2014 to promote Goldfoil, his first solo album just released in America too an album that is the guitarist's personal homage to the Delta Blues that he very much loves.

There are few people in the world with real class and elegance playing blues at the very best and one of these very few belonging to this category is Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Kenny has kindly accepted to talk to me about his latest project to date, The Rides, recorded together with two legends of the music establishment, Stephen Stills and Barry Goldberg and to talk about his solo career.

The Rides have published their debut album Can't Get Enough at the end of August 2013, and they are looking already at the possibility of recording a second album. Kenny on the other end, as a solo artist is due to release a cover album later this year with a lot of very special guests.


Bluebird Reviews has, for a long time, a great admirer of guitarist and singer/songwriter Jonny Lang. After many years of trying to reach this fabulous artist, our website had finally the great honor and pleasure to speak on the phone with the Guitar Maestro, during his Promo Press in London, UK, to talk about his latest release, Fight For My Soul, which is currently one of the best-selling albums on the blues charts worldwide.

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