FBI and The Future of Music.

Interview by Bluebird.

Photos by Micah Gummel.

Album art courtesy of FMan Media 2011.

Many thanks to Charlie Farren, Jon Butcher and the Colonial Theatre, Keene, NH.

thumb fbi_store_photo7I had the true privilege to interview Jon Butcher and Charlie Farren at the Colonial Theatre in Keene, NH. Each are talented artists, writers and musicians, with extensive recording histories. They are currently embarking on new media projects that circle and encompass the vast fields of musical styles.

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Written by Bluebird

Banner History by Rick Beck, in collaboration with Alexis Terrosa and Deb Hebert.

Photos by Rick Beck, Bluebird & Micah Gummel.

In the Joe Bonamassa fan world, all things "Joe" have the pre-fix "Bona". The trademark symbol of the Joe Bonamassa fan base is the now famous "Bona-Banner." I stumbled across it on the web while researching this artist and after hearing some brief history of it, I had to get the whole story. I asked Deb Hebert, who got some history from Rick Beck and we also collaborated with Alexis Terrosa, to pull together the steps of this Slow Train symbol that honors the the Blues Guitar Titan. To these fans, the Bona-Banner is similar to and taken as seriously as, the passing of the Olympic Torch.

November 3, 2011

Photos by Bluebird.

You can find photos of the Boston Street Team at the Wang Theatre, Meet/Greet and Dinner here.

During the Street Team Dinner at Jacob Wirth's Restaurant in Boston, I sent around a notebook and pen, asking Street Team members to share their favorite memory of Joe.

Here is what they said:  

Photos of surfboard and BCC banner sent by Alexis Terrosa and edited by Micah Gummel.

JB Team photo taken by Micah Gummel

Interview and other photos by Bluebird

In coordinating to cover the Joe Bonamassa performance at the Wang Theatre in Boston, I had the privilege to spend some time talking with Alexis Terrosa. Mr. Terrosa is the Street Team Coordinator for the massive volunteer effort that works tirelessly to help promote every Joe Bonamassa show. Alexis was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to describe the functioning of his role and that of the street team. Here is what he said:

"Whether I'm right, or whether I'm wrong ... time it goes by, life it goes on." langhorne slim interview 2011-125

Langhorne was kind enough to give us some time before his recent show at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass. 

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