"...from my music, love can be created, but not intended as a physical thing, but more spiritual. Just the feeling of being a little instrument that brings love to the world..." ~Roberto Cacciapaglia.




When it comes to music in its globalism, no matter what genre it may be, it's the talent that makes the difference, leaving an unmistakable mark on the history.

Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia from Milan, Italy is, without a doubt, one of those very rare people.  Born with this built-in talent, the faculty of transmitting emotions and feeling that go beyond time and space is present, solely by playing his piano so beautifully.

Yours Truly is deeply honored today on behalf of to have the Maestro with us, talking about his latest production, Alphabet, which is the natural follow-up to Ten Directions, his 2010's last album.

The Omar Dykes Interview- The Return Of The Wolf

Sometimes, it is just destiny. Careers of artists such as Omar Kent Dykes, cross paths with legends of the blues such as Howlin' Wolf - destiny. When the Texan Bluesman (although born in Mississippi) decided to use his formidable voice, together with his great ability as guitarist to create an album solely dedicated to The Wolf, the results were astonishingly brilliant. Released in 2013, Runnin' With The Wolf is perhaps one of the best blues album released worldwide last year and is very proud to have Omar talking about the making of this album and his career overall.

No Sinner Interview - Colleen Rennison

You can certainly spot a star when you see one. When Colleen Rennison enters the room, there is something special you can immediately perceive; her smile, that force-of-nature attitude, her whole presence can bright any room she walks in. Colleen is today with us to talk about No Sinner (her surname spelled backwards), the debut album and her great, insane passion for music.

A Visionary on Visionaries: Steve Nelson on Rock's Finest Legends at the Boston Tea Party Club.
History Speaks at the Music Museum of New England

Steve Nelson, the acclaimed manager of the Boston Tea Party Club, booked bands emerging to stardom in their early days. There were also out of town acts that weren't as popular, but if they were different, he'd book them too. A manager, producer and music fan himself, Steve went to great lengths to track not just the famous acts, but the ones with potential - vision.




There are not that many people in the music industry who work as hard as Bluesmen do and Joe Bonamassa certainly represents this concept in full.very well. In the last six months he has released, as a solo artist, three different records, the Tour De Force Cd/DVD Box-set, which includes all the 4 live performances recorded in 4 different venues in London, United Kingdom from early last year, the Rock Candy Funk Party CD/DVD live album recorded at the legendary Iridium Club in N.Y. last year and last, but not least, the Live In Amsterdam CD/DVD together with Beth Hart.


Throughout his very busy Tour schedule as a solo artist, Bluebird Reviews is very fortunate to talk with The Man himself in a brief Q&A, focusing primarily on the Tour De Force's Box-set release.


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