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Uno dei piu' grandi piaceri della vita, sconosciuto a noi nella prima parte della nostra crescita e formazione come esseri umani, e' quello di percorrere un cammino che cambia di frequente a seconda di coloro nei quali ci imbattiamo, circostanze nelle quali ci troviamo coinvolti e coincidenze che avvengono in momenti inaspettati. Un cammino che puo' apportare o delle virate vorticose alle nostre esistenze, oppure solo cambiare l'ottica del nostro quotidiano in maniera accrescitiva, spingendoci a sperimentare nuove strade lavorative e personali, con un occhio diverso, attento ai nostri valori sostanziali ma aperto allo stesso tempo a nuove prospettive e a coloro che ci circondano, in quel momento.

Quando concetti del genere vengono apportati alla musica, in Italia non c'e' quasi nessuno che ha avuto l'istinto e il coraggio di sfidare nuovi sentieri sonori accoppiati con romantico e profondo misticismo lirico nella stessa maniera che uno dei piu' talentuosi musicisti e produttori in Italia, Gianni Maroccolo, ha saputo fare ed ancora fa nel corso della sua brillantissima carriera.

Among all the different art forms, music has always been and always will be the one to which every human being is naturally connected to. We start loving music when our parents sing us lullabies to help us falling asleep, when we are at an infant stage of our lives and we carry music throughout our whole existences, either when we sing loud under the shower or when we are with friends, messing around or even when we get our hearts broken, as teenagers, when we meet the first boy or girl that makes our hearts racing at an insane speed. And the circle of life goes on and on, with music always been there, as a trusted companion constantly present, ready to evoke happy or sad memories at our command.

For a music artist, said art form is much, much more. It's what they are, it's the only way they have always known about expressing who they are, their feelings, anxieties, fears, hopes and dreams, through their musical abilities.

Photo courtesy of Greg Logan

There is no point in trying to deny that we have all, at a certain point of our youth, made big dreams about life. It's part of our DNA and we can't help it. For most of us, those dreams, through the years, settle into a more common everyday's dynamic, with bills to be paid, a family to look after etc. 

For some others, though, those dreams become a wonderful reality. If you are a musician in your teenage years and you find yourself in a world where you get to grow up surrounded by the attention and the consideration of artists of the stature of B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan and have someone like James Brown writing his thoughts about you on the sleeve notes of your debut album, that means that you might be someone really special.

The secret of longevity has always been one of the biggest enigmas, in one's life. Sometimes we believe that an individual may have good genes running into his/her veins, maybe a family gift but some other times, we have to provide to ourselves that food for soul indispensable for our everyday's life.

Artists like New York City's born Mike Garson, one of the most prominent Avant-Garde pianists and composers of the last half a century, find instead the necessary fuel to power the engine of their creativity by working incessantly on new projects, constantly looking ahead to create new sonic layers and shape them into melodies or anything that it is strictly related to that wonderful art form that it is music.

During our lifetime, we all strive to get to a point where we are comfortable with our existences and with our hopes and dreams. The latter, perhaps not completely fulfilled but, at least, with the awareness that, during the years we got to know ourselves a bit better through life's many experiences.

The way we build said awareness may vary, depending what we do for a living and often dictated by circumstances arising through the years in our personal lives.

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