Zurich is one of those cities that gets mentioned often in the news for its wealth, functionality in every possible sector, from transport to city cleanliness and many others. Rarely, though, this city emerges in the worldwide press for the great respect and love that Swiss people have for Blues and Americana.

Somebody that is certainly fully aware of the great passion that Switzerland has for those genres is that extraordinary artist that is Eric Bibb, one of the finest guitarist and singer/songwriters worldwide that, for the last half a century, has been and still is among the strongest torchbearers of Blues, Folk and Americana.

Photo By Hubert Nowak

Many people around the world often associate a country like Italy to cultural stereotypes of various nature but few actually are aware of the strong presence of Blues and Blues/Rock artists in a country that once was universally recognized as "Il Bel Paese".

Since the late 60's, early 70's, Italy has produced Blues and Blues/Rock musicians of remarkable quality and it is still continuing, nowadays, to generate new musical blood to keep the Blues and Blues/Rock's DNA alive and kicking, so much so that the current Italian music scene is living one of the most creative stages ever, artistically speaking.  

Pythagoras used to say that people blessed with harmony are the essence of the universe. In that respect, an artist like the Italian Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia matches perfectly Pythagoras concept. A musician blessed with a vision of music at 360 degrees, the Italian composer, experimentalist and forward thinker of that marvelous art that is music, has honored our website once again in talking about his latest release, the Deluxe Edition of his 2007 album called Quarto Tempo.


The record, remastered and remixed in London, Uk, at the very famous Abbey Road Studios, has been released under format of Double CD, the first containing the whole of the original album, while the second CD sees Roberto Cacciapaglia performing with the piano only. The Italian Composer released the Special Edition of Quarto Tempo without any sonic manipulation or trickery, maintaining, fundamentally, the purity of the sound at its original form, something that the Maestro is very proud of.


Farnborough is a town located in Hampshire, south of England, UK, often best known for the prestigious Air Show that the English town hosts every couple of years. Together with being on the Worldwide Aviation Business Map, Farnborough means also "Home" for one of the most loved R&B, Soul, R&R and Cajun singer/songwriters, guitarists and performers of the whole country, Big Boy Bloater.

The British musician, who is also an old friend of our website, has been writing and recording albums for well over two decades, bringing to the panorama of the overall English music a breath of fresh air, through an highly eclectic and entertaining formula that has not just allowed him to successfully bring his enormous talent on many stages worldwide but also to gain the love and admiration of thousands of fans and some of the most respected fellow artists of the Music Business (Jools Holland and Imelda May, among many others).

Photo by Roy Pike

The scene is 1976. Mountain's drummer Corky Laing get a call from Steve Wax, president of one of the most glorious record labels of that period, Elektra/Asylum. The content of the conversation between the top man of the record label and the drummer and singer/songwriter was about the general musical taste of the masses going through a generational change. Genres like Punk were beginning to surface in the rock landscape and got the full attention not just of the music industry but also of millions of music fans around the globe. Through a more confrontational and rebellious attitude expressed through the music and the lyrics, Punk was sonically taking over an era where Glam and Classic Rock had dominated the charts worldwide.

In a desperate attempt to regain the attention of those fans, which was migrating to more raw musical territories, Wax had asked Laing to form a Super Group in the aim to create a body of work of enormous quality that would win back the love and the affection of those devoted fans, now "distracted" by this new and tempestuous musical Nouvelle Vague.

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