Greetings, Bluebird Reviews readers!

Our website has been made aware of two wonderful CD single releases aiming at creating funds for some truly remarkable initiatives.

Here we are again! It has certainly been a long and hard decision to be taken, concerning the 2021 Bluebird Reviews Awards.

All the nominees have shone for their outstanding musical achievements, in a year that has seen all our nominees in the Artist Of The Year category and the Best Live Act category displaying so much talent and craftmanship of the highest standard.

It's that time of the year again! Bluebird Reviews is getting ready, for the sixth year in a row, to reward those artists that have particularly shone, either through some memorable live performances or for having brought to a great year for music, like the current one, despite the pandemic and many social and organizational challenges, some of the great material that they have ever recorded in their careers, through our Artist Of The Year and Best Live Act 2021Bluebird Reviews Awards.

The results will be revealed by late October 2021. The shortlists, from which the winners will be chosen for the two categories are, in no particular order:

Artist Of The Year 2021:

- Pamela Sue Mann 

- Mick Kolassa

- Judith Hill


Best Live Act 2021:

- Gianni Maroccolo & Antonio Aiazzi

- Anna Von Hausswolff 

- Bombino.


Our website has decided to award with the 2021 special Career Award, one of the giants of Texas Blues and Blues/Rock of the last half a century. A true living legend, an institution for American Music and one of the most influential and prominent American artists, the one and only Omar Kent Dykes. Many congratulations to Mr. Dykes for the Award and, most importantly, for being an outstanding torchbearer to the tradition and development of American Blues and Blues/Rock in the last 50-plus years.

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Best of luck to all the nominees. To Bluebird Reviews' eyes, everyone that has contributed to make 2021 another spectacular year of music is a winner anyway.

When the late great David Bowie passed sadly away,  on 10th January 2016, just after he announced the release of his latest album Blackstar, to the pianist and composer Mike Garson, who had been for more than 4 decades working for one of the greatest musical genius of this century, it must have felt like a robust and important part of his personal and artistic life had been abruptly taken away from him.

Following Bowie's passing, together with releasing several solo albums, Garson had also been touring the world with his project A Bowie Celebration, a project that would involve some of the finest alumni/musicians who, just like Garson, had been working with David Bowie throughout the years or may have heavily influenced by the enormous talent of the late great British singer/songwriter.

Dear Readers,

Another year of music is coming to a end and once again, despite all the adversities and challenges that we all have faced and still facing, including, sadly, the music industry, it has come that time of the year again where we announce the winner of the Bluebird Reviews Artist Of The Year 2020.

This year, the competition has been particularly strong, which is a great thing, especially in view of the huge difficulties that music artists have gone through (and still going) with being able to make records and, even more demanding, performing live or virtually, like many have done online. We had a shortlist of nominees of great stature once again, this year, which includes the Stray Cats (Be-Bop, Rockabilly - USA), Naoko Sakata (Classic and Improvisational Pianist and Composer - JAP/SWE) and Fabrizio Poggi (Blues, Jazz, Folk - ITA). Now, let's announce, with no further ado, the name of this year's Award Winner:

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