BJ Thomas is joined by Grammy winning bluesman Keb' Mo' on this newly recorded acoustic version of BJ's 1971 hit "Most Of All" from the CD "The Living Room Sessions".  

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BJ Thomas is one of our all time favorite singer-songwriters from the 1960's and he is still going strong. His velvet voice, command of the lyrical word, reassuring tones and amazing songwriting styles have made him a timeless entity for music lovers world wide. Read our live show review and our meeting encounter with Mr. Thomas here.

As the summer solstice approaches, get out your maxi dresses, Birkenstocks, and call up the long haired leaping gnomes, for a groovy indie summer in the beautiful Pioneer Valley! We call it the Happy Valley, and one of the reasons is because great bands come here, year after year. The Iron Horse Music Group always hosts a wealth of fresh tunes. This season, IHEG is giving a wide range of indie bands their fine debut, and offering veteran bands an intimate setting to connect with their fans. Happening right at your backyard garden party or screen door this summer, take a look and listen and hail the night before the longest day!

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Adler - Left to Right: Lonny Paul, Steven Adler, Jacob Bunton, Johnny Martin

Photo Credit: Liz Taylor / Smackdab Media

Back From The Dead  has been out for several months, and even Guns and Roses' purists, who can be die hard skeptics, are diggin it. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Jeff Pilson (FOREIGNER, DOKKEN) and mixed by Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, STONE SOUR) it is bold and modern bright, with 1980's loyalties. Some rockers are saying it's one of the better solo works to come out of the GnR tradition, even going as far as  saying it's as good as, or better than, Slash's latest release. This may be good news for Slash, however, because he guests on the album. Heavy and sharp, with plenty of straight up head bang-er phrasing, the album emits high energy and a good dose of solo edges, to add to the tension building. The release explodes into a great frenzy of metal mania, and the record is an enjoyable listen, because of the quality of musicianship. The experience of these talented musicians and great balanced production, makes the heavy sound accessible to classic rock fans too. Track 10, "Your Diamonds," had a vintage feel of deep cut Boston or Journey, in the strong vocal harmonies, stop on a dime timing, and piano/organ back tones, finishing finally, in a guitar solo tease- and an anthem rant that fans can latch on to. The only one ballad of the record, "Just Don't Ask" features Slash. It has that 80's hair band feel, with sing along, memorable melodies, remaining strong to the metal edges that we love so much from that era.

The editor of the Led Zeppelin Ultimate Fan Page listened to the record and had this review:

It's basically straight up rock and roll, no frills, effects. Adler proves that he still has what it takes to keep the backbeat of a band. The band sounds tight and a good indication that they can grow if they stick to the basics and not try to compete or imitate with other bands out there. Having John 5 guest on 'Good to be Bad' is my favourite track. (Slash actually appears on 'Just Don't Ask'.) I enjoyed it, honestly, (and yes, I loved Slash's solo work, too) which says a lot, as I was initially a skeptic of Adler's, so this is huge for me to give a positive review of Back From The Dead.  (Izzy's solo efforts are also amazing, by the way. The debut, Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Houndsis still a fave CD of mine.)

 Fan pick tracks: "Good to be Bad," "Habit," "Own Worst Enemy."


Read an interview with Jacob Bunton of ADLER here.





From Celebrity Rehab to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, Adler marks

a new beginning for legendary drummer Steven Adler (Guns N

Roses). The collective foursome known as Adler is comprised of

Steven Adler, frontman Jacob Bunton (Lynam, Mars Electric),

guitarist Lonny Paul (Adler's Appetite), and Johnny Martin (Chelsea


Adler came together after a chance meeting with Bunton and Paul at

The Key Club in Hollywood, CA. "I was in town for a friends

memorial" states Bunton. "I was at a club on the strip with my friend

Jay Ruston. He told me he wanted me to meet with a couple of the

Adler's Appetite guys to discuss a new project. He introduced me to

Lonny and we hit it off immediately. The next day Lonny and Steven

came to my hotel room and we sat around and talked music for hours.

We got together and jammed a couple of days later and the chemistry

was amazing!"

"I put together Adler's Appetite to play the old Guns N Roses songs

for the fans" states Steven Adler. "While we were on the road last

year, Lonny gave me a CD with some amazing songs that he had

written. It really lit a fire inside me to start creating again. We

immediately started looking for a singer, but after trying out several

candidates, we got a little discouraged. I wanted someone with a

dynamic range that had their own sound and style. Just when we

thought we had hit a brick wall looking for a singer, Lonny called me

one night and said he had just met Jacob and that he was our guy. As

soon as I met Jacob and heard him sing, I knew that I had found the

singer I had been looking for."

"I had been playing guitar for Steven in Adler's Appetite for about six

months" explains Paul. "Steven decided to end Adler's Appetite and

focus on a new project from scratch. We were looking for a singer

with a unique voice and a broad range. Jay suggested Jacob and said

we should meet. It's funny because when I pulled up to The Key Club

that night, I saw Jacob outside and said to my friend 'that dude is a

total rockstar, I wonder if he can sing.' When Jay called him over to

meet me, I thought this is meant to be. Jacob is exactly the frontman

that we had been looking for."

For the next few months Bunton and Paul worked on writing new

material. In January, the band began recording their debut album with

producer Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner) and mixer Jay Ruston

(Anthrax, Steel Panther, The Donnas). "The Chemistry between all of

us is amazing" says Bunton. "The recording process has been an

awesome experience. We're not relying on computers and auto tune

to fix everything. We're totally going by feel and capturing the raw

energy of the songs. It's a real rock n roll album, performed by a

band, with a real human element."

Adler's debut album, Back From The Dead features guest

performances from Steven Adler's former Guns N Roses bandmate

Slash, as well as Rob Zombie / Ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5.

"I haven't been this excited about my band since the Guns N Roses

days" states Adler. "I'm so excited for everyone to hear this record!"

Back From The Dead was released through New Ocean Media.

"I'll write you a letter tomorrow, tonight I can't hold a pen ..."

The Replacments have confirmed three show dates in the US and Toronto for 2013. The Star Tribune, Consequence of Sound and Pitchfork have all run articles on this news. The RIOT FEST series of concerts has them listed in their line-up.

Mozes and The First Born.

From the Netherlands. A fresh take on pop catches. Garage rock for your living room or next mod party. Psychedelic 70's mixes of rock fuses light up their self-titled debut of 12 songs. We got some promo tracks and found ourselves addicted to clicking and listening for more. My new saying is, "Let's see what's next." Mozes and The First Born. "What's next?"

Press Bio:

As a child, lead singer Melle Dielesen (23) spent countless
hours in front of the television watching and rewinding the animated movie
Prince of Egypt. It tells the ancient tale of Mozes. In which God as
one of his Ten Plagues in order to harass the tyrannical Pharaoh, commands all
the firstborn in the land of Egypt dead. A rather macabre plot, which along with
the rest of the movie made a deep impression on the young Melle.

Several years later Melle found himself living in London writing songs. When
he was in need of a name for this novel musical project, his childhood
fascination soared back to him. Mozes and the Firstborn, so was decided, was to
be the name of his new still-to-be-formed band. In 2010 he returned to his
hometown of Eindhoven, the Netherlands to look for potential band members.
Through a mutual acquaintance he met drummer Raven Aartsen (18)
and the two young guns decided to work together to chase their dream of becoming
full-time musicians. It was not before long when high-school friend and bassist
Corto Blommaert (23) was recruited to join the duo. Their first
EP I Got Skills was released shortly after this. Ultimately, a year and
a half later guitarist Ernst-Jan van Doorn (28) was added as
the fourth member and consequently the band reached its final and definite

All songs written and recorded by Mozes and the Firstborn
Mixed by Michel Schoots & Mozes and the Firstborn
Produced by Michel Schoots & Mozes and the Firstborn
Mastered by Hay Zeelen
Recorded at Biscuit Studios
(P) © 2013 Mozes And The Firstborn

Worldwide management by Meijer Music Management

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