I've seen Deep Purple live in the 1980's and my neighbor toured with Blackmore's Knights. With all of this great rock exposure, how could I have missed the career of Glenn Hughes? Back then, I wasn't writing about music, I just listened - and I knew what I liked -without thinking about why. But time is my friend. The sounds followed me like an afternoon shadow, delightfully haunting. And when I turned to see from whence they came, I was happily spinning about. Thanks Mick, for shining the light on Glenn Hughes.


I saw Ha Ha Tonka, an indie folk rock band from Missouri last year. My first listen was live and they totally rocked the Iron Horse. They haven't come our way again yet, but their new album, Death of A Decade, is out and makes me want to wear my cowboy boots tomorrow.



Keep em coming, knock us out, gentlemen !

bluebirdrecord Saturday, April 16th is National Record Store Day!

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To My Replacements Fan Friends (real and imagined),

There will be a documentary film out called, "Color Me Impressed" on The Replacements and their fans.

There is a brief tour of film previews happening this Spring.


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I'll watch for more newa, until then, you can find me, "Left of the Dial."




RIP to the legendary Willie "Pine Top" Perkins, one of the last original Delta bluesmen. My brother in law saw him play live years ago and called me to tell me this news. I'm a newbie as a blues listener, and this fellow is easy on the ears. His voice is smooth and paced with comfort, making the repetitive lyrics of the blues an easy ride. He is most well known for his piano playing, and for spanning the evolution of the blues, from the Delta to Chicago, although he most recently lived in Texas. Passing at the age of 97, the man had a long and active career, winning three grammies; a Lifetime Achievement Grammy in 2005, followed by the 2007 Best Traditional Blues Album for his collaboration on the "Last of the Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen: Live in Dallas" and most recently, a Grammy in 2010 for his work with Willie "Big Eyes" Smith for Best Traditional Blues CD for Joined at the Hip with Telarc Records.

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