There are a lot of Cult fans here on BBR and we are happy to announce their new album release,

Choice of Weapon,

on May 22nd.

To support the album, they will launch a North American Tour and tickets are already on sale.

"Thought you and your readers would enjoy this"  ~ Mick Houser.

"What is and What Should Never Be," (isolated bass) John Paul Jones.

One Joe Bonamassa: Beacon Theatre-Live From New York DVD, PLEASE!

So I go into my local record store: Bull Moose Music, on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at about noon for several reasons:

First stop: "Free Stuff' board and bin, just inside the doorway, on the right. All promotional material is kept here.

I pinned one postcard flier advertising Joe Bonamassa's Maine debut at Merrill Auditorium, Portland, Maine, May 23, 2012, to the partially empty promo board (above a stack of flyers I'd left on a previous visit).


 The Sky is The Limit
Free from external control and constraint, blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa (and long time friend and business partner, Roy Weisman, of J & R Adventures) make career choices without heavy-handed, corporate execs input. This artist is totally independent...and that fact is evermore evident over these past couple of months.

joe 2mgweb
"No Hit" Wonder

It pains me whenever I hear Joe Bonamassa quip about having had no hits off 12 studio albums when he should be a household name!
I first heard his version of modern blues on a warm summers night in June 2010--an emotional, musical experience I will never forget. The music channel Palladia aired Live From Royal Albert Hall concert, filmed in London, May 2009.

"Buy a record, support the artists, preserve the future of music"

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