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We have been running this column on Facebook for several months, but here are the recent posts for New Muse-ic Monday.

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These are video posts that have been staff picked or sent in by our readers every month. When we say music of all genres is welcome, we mean it!

April 2012:

Joe Bonamassa

Alabama Shakes

Radioactive Grandma

The Real


Old English


Gigantic Ant

Fiona Apple

Langhorne Slim

Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore

The Cult

GLi (Green Line Inbound)

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown

Joey Pratt/Card Stock

March 2012:

Virgil and the Accelerators

Dude Fu--in Yeah! (DFY)


Alyssa Graham

Nada Surf


February 2012:

Sleeper Agent:

Jonny Monster Band.


The Cult:

New Song Lucifer by The Cult, via Rolling Stone Media.


Prospect Hill:


Wooden Dinosaur:


January 2012:

Back In Bloom:


We talk a lot about the influence of the blues. Blues guitar, roots, acoustic, electric and slide, are all topics of exciting interest and history.

Mick Houser, bassist for Dr. Mudd, Skeleton Crew, and the historic Wasted Angel, every now and again will write in to remind me that the blues guitar pieces, although stunning and important, need the support of kickin blues bassists to make a great song.

He recommends these articles for our readers and I agree.

We caught Peter Frampton's performance of "Frampton Comes Alive" at the Hanover Theatre last night in Worcester, MA.

It was a great show ! Review article will be posted soon. Be sure to visit us here at Bluebirdreviews again for updates !


Review is up, click here.

January 20, 2012

The music world grieves the loss of Jamestta Hawkins.

Tea For One is a column that we run on our Bluebirdreviews Facebook Fan Page every Thursday. We invite readers to submit a favorite song and to tell us why. There are a few articles in this column with extensive commentary on particular favorites. Enjoy !


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