Mountain Park in Holyoke, MA,

hosted a benefit concert called


to  support

The Jimmy Fund, Dana Farber Institute and Allie's Five Oclock Fund

on July 21, 2012.

changes in latitudes close up2

Four talented bands were there for this great cause

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The Rum Runners

Changes in Latitude

The Machine

Get The Led Out

It was a wonderful event with awesome music!

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The Rum Runners

Changes in Latitude

The Machine

Get The Led Out



Tea For One - Post Your Favorite Song.

The only thing better than "Runnin with the Devil" from Van Halen is "ERUPTION"!

Or maybe, "Little Guitars?"

"Mean Street?"

What is your favorite Van Halen song??

"Romeo Delight?"

Nobody walks the streets at night like me!!!

I caught Van Halen twice with David Lee Roth back in the 1980's. I didn't get behind VH when Sammy Hagar was the front man, so when David Lee Roth joined the line-up in 2012, I was happy to get this footage from the rock fans' favorite video man, Front Row Dave!

~From Their Biography

Manila Killa began in late 2009, as an artist who was interested in dance music and the culture that lied beneath it. Since then, he has grown to learn the ways of producing and performing dance music for crowds in the US as well as his homeland, Manila in the Philippines. His passion for music as a whole, has prepared him to understand what people want to hear in any kind of setting, as his diverse track roster has proved him worthy of understanding many genres of dance music. His move to the Philippines in 2009 transformed his views on the culture, as an influx of so many different genres were presented to him by friends and other artists alike. This has shaped the way he views dance music today, and will pave the way to his future musical endeavors.

From Underwater Sunshine. 2012.





Review by Bluebird. 

The Villains are an upbeat, contemporary rock band with talented artists, well versed in classic rock techniques and country vibes. For this second album, Velocity, they are backed by a powerhouse production team, including Stan Lynch who worked to produce Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Don Henley. Billy Chapin (Backstreet Boys, Edwin McCain) is also on the production credits, as well as John Kurzweg (Jewel, Creed) on mixing.

Record Label: Toucan Cove/Universal Music Group

Release Date: February, 2012

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