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The third chapter of the Black Country Communion story shall be heard.

2012: The Year of Joe Bonamassa

We're all familiar with the quote, "Make hay while the sun shines." This phrase means to do thing at the most suitable occasions. Don't procrastinate. "Get it done now, while you've got the chance - put it off, and the chance may not come again."

Bluebirdreviews was proud to attend the 2012 Newport Folk Festival!

This page will be updated with photos, commentary and video clips of this annual event.

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Chris Ross is a singer, songwriter from Maine. His vocals ring the harmonies of Ray LaMontagne, with a raw edge that cuts to the core. The lyrics he draws up are complicated, but streamlined to make his points.

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A resident of Hudson Falls, New York, TR Remsen collaborated with Frank Palangi and other artists to create the album, "One Life To Live." He bills himself most of the time as a folk rock musician. It is a mix of contemporary rock to blues, with some interesting instrumentation, storytelling and raw performances.

Released: 2011 tr

Label: Self Released 

Produced by Frank Palangi

All the songs were written by TR, as well as the art and CD/cover design. The LP was recorded at Palangi Studios, in Queensbury, NY.

TR Remsen performs as a solo artist at shows. He integrates lead vocals, harmonica, percussion, shakers, bell, piano, synthesizer, and digital pipe organ for instruments in studio, Frank Palangi performed guitar, bass, drums, and supporting vocals on "Deal With The Devil." and other various instruments in studio.  Cory Avon played lead guitar and bass on the track, "Adirondack Christmas," in studio as well.

My favorite part of this record was the harmonica.  Keep up the good faith with that harp, no doubt. "Deal With the Devil," featuring Frank Palangi, offered an intro to this has a bit of tongue and cheek, much like, Sympathy For the Devil, from The Rolling Stones, but then he tears into a ripping metal song with some harp back up. "Dreams of Love," brought on deep vocals with high metal edge guitar. "South Street Blues,"  had some raw harp and the rambling bass line, mixing it to an almost blues number.  The vocals can come down a bit, to run along with the theme of the song, but it's good to keep the blues alive for sure.

He recently announced he is working on a new single, again with Frank Palangi, "Holy Lord." (2012).

Biography and Press Release can be found here.

TR Remsen's music can also be found on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/trremsenmusic

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