There are some special places, in the world, that make a real difference to who and what we are. It is sometimes a matter of a feeling or maybe the memory of something special happening in that specific place that stays with us forever for the rest of our lives.

Producer, guitarist, singer/songwriter and co-owner of Gulf Coast Record, the almighty Mike Zito, seemed to have perfectly perceived that New Orleans and its music had provided through the years a profound impact on the musical growth of the American Saxophone Maestro and Singer/Songwriter Jimmy Carpenter.

In a very prolific musical year like 2022, where Blues/Rock and Americana artists have been releasing some truly excellent records, the debut album of American guitarist singer/songwriter Eddy Undertow, a.k.a. Sweet Undertow and called Skeletone Machine, couldn't go certainly unnoticed to our website.

The San Francisco-based artist has put together a truly fascinating ensemble of life tales, through the songs part of the Skeletone Machine album, songs delving deeply into many different aspects of everyone's life, like love, pain, hopes and death, sang with heartfelt honesty by Undertow and arranged, sonically, in a style and tempo that match brilliantly the lyrical depth of each individual song.

American singer/songwriter and Harmonica Master Johnny Sansone holds a special power, within, which is the ability to make every new record release of his as a special journey in the life and career of this outstanding musician.

After a two-years hiatus, Sansone returns to the scene with a body of work of great artistic depth called Into Your Blues, an album that envelops the definition of the genre at 360 degrees and that explores beautifully the roots of Blues music and its development throughout the decades. The whole exquisitely written, sang, played and performed with enormous musicianship by the Harmonica Maestro.

It doesn't happen very often to find, nowadays and almost anywhere in the world, music artists willing to marry the tradition, language, history and folklore of their own land, intended as a confined geographical area within a country, with remarkable musicianship and artistic vision.

Still, this is something that the Italian collective called LAssociazione does incredibly well since 2010, when a group of musicians coming from the Italian region of Emilia Romagna decided to get together and to form a project that would aim to the safeguard of the region's local dialect and also reflect the way that the music history of the region have grown through the decades.

There is nothing more reinvigorating, from a music writer's point of view, to come across to records that exude joie-de-vivre and heartwarming feelings, together with bags of enormous musicianship, as it happens to be the case of Run To Daylight, an album recently released by a highly interesting collective called The Groove Krewe.

This very inspired musical project owes its conceptual root to Louisiana's producers, writers and musicians Dale Murray and Rex Pearce, who decided to assemble a stellar army of studio musicians to back up their featured artist, the talented bass player and singer Nick Daniels III, with the idea of creating a record that would reflect properly and adequately the sonic traditions of the sound of New Orleans.

Bluebird Reviews has kept for a very long time, now, an eye on the artistry and musical authenticity of the Danish collective Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado.

What makes Risager and his Band Of Brothers being totally unique, in the whole of the music industry, it is the fact that they are a band that cannot be identified or labelled to a sole musical genre, because their artistic intent it is to dress each of their songs with an appropriate musical arrangement that emphasizes the mood and enriches the lyrical content of their compositions.

Through the years and too often, Italian music has been associated, to the eyes of the world, to a type of music based on a standardized format that included a powerful melody, nostalgic and/or romantic songwriting style and a strong singer/vocalist.

From the middle of the 90's, though, the concept of making music from Italian artists has shifted to a wider and more bolder approach, with an increasing number of new artists choosing to skip the aforementioned songwriting trademark and focusing instead on contemporary aspects and challenges of the modern society, the whole translated into sonic layers of Industrial or Alt-Rock that complement rather well the themes chosen by this new movement of Italian singer/songwriters (or "cantautori", as they would say in Italian).

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