Sometimes music records have got a lot in common with literature, especially when records can take you through very unexpected twists and turns when you less expect it, just like a good crime book may do, for example.

This analogy works very well with the work of an Italian band called Bludeepa, who has released last year their second album called Tat Tvam Asi, which, in Hinduism, means expression of the relation between the individual and the Absolute.

It gets increasingly difficult, within the contemporary music scene, to find music artists capable of combining in a very organic way, inspired songwriting and a natural attitude in creating strong melodies, when writing songs.

One of United States' best kept Blues and Southern Rock secrets, the Indiana born and bred guitarist and singer/songwriter Doug Henthorn, belongs deservedly to the aforementioned restrict circle of artists, as he has repeatedly demonstrated through his stunning debut solo record Cold Medicine and, subsequently and most recently, to Cold Medicine's 2019 follow-up album called The LLC.

It has been a while since American Blues/Rock Powerhouse singer/songwriter Eliza Neals used to be the best kept secret in Detroit.

Now, after a series of breathtaking albums like 10.000 Feet Below, Sweet Or Mean and especially her 2020's Black Crow Moan record, we can safely say that the hugely talented Miss Neals has raised her artistic game considerably to the whole world, in the last five years of her career, showing a maturity in her songwriting and a remarkable strength and power in her vocal deliveries, placing Eliza Neals at the epicenter of Blues Regalia.

Our website touched already, last year, on a phenomenal project ran by the Italian composer, musician, producer and writer Arlo Bigazzi and actress Chiara Cappelli called Majakovskij!, a fabulous and inspired homage to the figure of Vladimir Vladimirovich Majakovskij, one of the most pivotal artists, actors and poets of what is known as the Russian Futurism of the early stage of the past century.

Bigazzi and Cappelli put together a stunningly beautiful multimedia project, which involved music, theater and poetry in an accurately measured balance, which met numerous accolades not only from the Italian press in its entirety but also from other European countries.

It is not a rhetorical statement to say that, every time a record by a classy artist like the Italian singer/songwriter Andrea Chimenti comes out, the complete concept of Art explodes in all its beauty.

Starting from the criterion that an Art like music should never be rushed, but, instead, should be created spontaneously and without any external form of pressure, the Italian musician and composer returns to the scene with a new studio album called Il Deserto La Notte Il Mare (The Desert The Night The Sea), released at the end of 2021 and about 6 years after the release of his latest studio album, called Yuri.

There was a time, in the early 80's, where most of the synth/pop artists were labelled as artists not showing a lot of lyrical substance, within their songs, in a time of music history where, perhaps, appearances were often more at the core of the success of an artist or of a band with their fans and in the music charts than the music itself.

The Canadian collective Men Without Hats, back then, had a major hit called Safety Dance, which, unexpectedly, put them in the same aforementioned musical ball path, at least to the eyes of some music press, although selling very well, from a commercial perspective. Time has then made ample justice to the songwriting and musical skills of the band's commander-in-chief Ivan Doroschuk, thanks also to the remarkable success of albums such as 2003's No Hats Beyond This Point and, most recently, their 2012's album Love In The Age Of War.

It's always worth, for a music artist, to revisit archives full of their own material that, for a reason or another, has never been released, because you can never be sure of how much goodness one can find, into said archives.

It is a little bit what happened to the British Columbia-based guitarist and singer/songwriter Jonathan Burden, one of the finest Roots/Bluesmen around in the current Canadian music scene, when working on the release of his brand new album.

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