ALBUM: Joe Bonamassa: Live at Carnegie Hall, An Acoustic Evening
ARTIST: Joe Bonamassa
LABEL: J & R Adventures
RELEASE DATE: June 23, 2017

joebonamassaliveatcarnegiehallanacousticeveningThere's more to Grammy nominated, Blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa than a plethora of shiny Gibson Les Pauls and Marshall amps.  Bonamassa's an artist.  Driven by an insatiable appetite for the blues, he has put-to-the-test every six-string within grasp, in search of the holy grail in tone-- the one to match what can only be heard inside his head.  As for the music?  It's a personal journey that speaks for itself, as evidenced in a rapidly expanding solo catalog, of where instrumental and acoustic-infused songs are neatly sandwiched between progressive, guitar-driven melodies.  Joe Bonamassa: Live at Carnegie Hall, An Acoustic Evening is a career defining moment in the bluesman's professional life: it's another opportunity to keeping the blues alive for the next generation.

"This has not been the easiest specialty project," Bonamassa reveals in the behind the scenes clip, Journey to Carnegie Hall. "It fought us a little bit." 

The two night concert held on January 21 and 22, 2016 at Stern Auditorium's Perelman Stage was part of an all-acoustic (limited) tour that featured an all-star ensemble of world-class musicians including acclaimed Chinese cellist and erhuist Tina Guo, whose repertoire stretches from classical to heavy metal; and Hossam Ramzy, the Egyptian percussionist and composer, who has performed on dozens of film sound tracks and records, including Jimmy Page and Robert Plant's No Quarter: Unledded tour.  The band line-up also includes Reese Wynans (piano), Anton Fig (drums), Eric Bazilian (mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, saxophone, acoustic guitar, vocals), and three Australian vocalists, Mahalia Barnes, Juanita Tippins, and Gary Pinto.  Both performances were filmed and will be released as Double CD, Double DVD, Blu-ray and 3 LP Vinyl on June 23rd.  Fans will appreciate newly arranged renditions of timeless classics and never-before-heard new tracks.  Below, the official video trailer highlights a few of 15 songs offered in this recording.

There are always big expectations coming from any music fan all over the world, when you hear that a band like Thomas Wynn And The Believers had been chosen, in the Florida's music scene, as best Rock Band and Country/Folk Band for seven consecutive years.

On their brand new album called Wade Waist Deep, even the most sceptic fan can understand why the collective from Orlando has received so many high praises from music lovers and worldwide press through the years. Their sound runs deep in the roots of Southern Rock but with a more contemporary twist, with lashes of Soul and R&B here and there making the musical offer from Wynn and his band sounding even more palatable.

ARTIST: Chris Ross and the North
ALBUM: Over Lonesome
RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2017
LABEL: Independent
WEBSITE: Chris Ross and the North

Supporters of Chris Ross and the North get behind the band to raise funds to record Over Lonesome. Those who visited the band's PledgeMusic page could pledge to pre-order the upcoming album or memorabilia, e.g. handwritten lyric sheet, private guitar lesson with Zack, personal video of the band singing Happy Birthday to the pledge, and receive exclusive updates and insights into the album making process. A real win-win for everyone.

You can walk through different paths in your life but, in the end, if music it's your first love, you will always get back to it, sooner or later. This is exactly what happened to guitarist and singer/songwriter James R. Poggensee, aka Jim Roberts, which in the 90's, after 20-odd years of music activity, to absolve family duties decided to let aside the music and start working as a police officer. But, with time, with the same effect that the irresistible chant of a mermaid would do to humans, back in 2012 Roberts decided to go back to what he really loved doing, a love affair with music lasting for more than four decades and still running. The 2014's album Devil On A Dirt Road, released when the band was still called The Jack Roberts Harvey Band, showed clear signs that the magic in Robert's music was still there, despite the 15-years hiatus from the music business.

Robert's brand new album, called Beneath The Blood Moon and released under a new band name, Jim Roberts And The Resonants, is a definite game changer in Robert's career as a musician. His slide guitar sound is sharper and stronger than ever, his lyrics more personal and inspired, his vocals displaying a growing solidity and maturity in comparison to Robert's last album.

It gives such a great feeling to listen to an album like this. Laura Tate, American actress and singer, here on her 4th studio album called Let's Just Be Real, delivers one of the most intense records of her career.

Tate's new album is a masterful display of the Texan singer's vocal abilities on the 12 tracks that travel through old, new and original material, never before released. Tate surrounds herself with the elite of worldwide studio musicians, from the Brass Maestro Lee Thornberg to the devastatingly brilliant Jeff Paris on Piano, B3 and Mandolin, just to mention few of the great musicians involved on the album.

If you want to achieve your goals, you have got to risk it all. This concept might have been in the back of the head of French blues/rock artist Gaëlle Buswel, at the time her brand new album, New Day's Waiting was written and recorded.

The genesis of Buswel's new album started back in 2015, when the French artist decided to pack her luggage and travel to the United States for a month and a half, searching for inspiration for her next music project. The journey proved to be a very successful one for the singer/songwriter, with Buswel immersing herself deeply into the roots of the blues and the rock, two genres very close to her heart.

Bring Back the Sun is a great surprise to listeners who enjoy music from the singer songwriters of the 1970's plus a little classic rock. The guitars lead strong and provide a full rock experience, tasty guitar solos and upbeat percussion. This refreshing treat brings on harmony vocals and a sunny 70's sound. In "Social Director" and "A Place That We Call Yesterday," Charles applies his experience in playing 60-70s rock and folk to create a contemporary record that pushes the boundaries of the singer-songwriter genre. "Yasmine" hits you with a Joe Jackson feel, and the catchy vibes reverb throughout the collection. "Strollin" has serious lyrics with mirror rhymes, that bring forth many of the great qualities we love from the bands that influence Parker. The "Calypso Song" is a break from the harmony line to a free steel drum sound still keeping in with Parker's style. Ballads like "I Love To Feel The Rain" "Stop" and the title track, "Bring Back The Sun" are reminiscent of the days of "Baker Street" with Gerry Rafferty and just an enjoyable time. "One Way To Go" shows off Parker's rocker breed and it stretches across all decades and even genres, including rock, folk, funk and a little punk too. "Say Good Bye" may be a favorite of this 15 song record as it brings all of Parker's talents together in one harmonious song.

PRESS RELEASE: Charles Parker is a triple threat, who not only can sing and play guitar but also writes on a level far above most of his peers.  His unique music is a place where rock, folk and pop cross paths on the way to a remarkably contemporary sound.  Through his work being a professional musician in cover bands and tribute bands, Parker is a seasoned performer who is known for his strong work ethic, passion for music and determination to persevere.  With his over 20 years of experience, the journey continues through the release of his debut album Bring Back The Sun.

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