We very rarely, on our website, get to talk about artists sharing our same geographic roots. Just like Bluebird Reviews, the 25-years old pop/country artist Max Ater comes from the home state of Maine and, at his young age, he has got already quite a story behind him.

Back in 2012, age 19, this talented singer/songwriter won the prestigious show Maine's Got Talent, performing an all-original song and the following year, he released his debut EP called Up 'Till Now, a mini album where the young artist also produced the album all by himself. 

There are not as many pioneering artists left around as American singer/songwriter Don McLean. In a career span of almost half a century, McLean has been and still is one of the most prominent musicians in the history of American Music. 

After an 8-years hiatus from his latest studio album, Addicted To Black, Don McLean announced, earlier this year, the release of his 19th studio album called Botanical Garden, one of the most significant works in the overall glorious career of one of America's most iconic artists.

One of the most exciting aspects of looking at some music artist’s career histories is to see the way they develop their artistry at 360 degrees with each passing record.

On this respect, British guitarist and singer/songwriter Ben Poole continues his artistic growth album after album, giving every ounce of his many talents every time that he releases a new album. This talented musician from the South of England has gained an increasing popularity with fans and fellow musicians, through the years, thanks to a winning combination of solid songwriting skills, a vocal delivery that gets better and better as the years go by and his great ability as a guitarist.

The last decade of the life and career of Blues/Rock Guitar Supremo and singer/songwriter Joe Bonamassa has been particularly intense, between touring, recording and releasing a myriad of live albums, being involved in many side projects (Black Country Communion, Beth Hart, Rock Candy Funk Party) and few studio albums.

Despite the global popularity, though and the immense talent inbuilt in this formidable musician, the latest Bonamassa’s studio albums didn’t manage to deliver quite the same level of artistic beauty that modern Blues/Rock masterpieces like You And Me, Blues Deluxe or Black Rock reached, for example. Sometimes that the American artist, somehow, might have perceived too, being the clever musician that he is.

Our website has reviewed many records, during its lifetime, some very good, some other extraordinarily good and in both cases, for unknown reasons, most of those records did not end, as they well deserved should have, in the top worldwide charts, most likely due to the music business too often preferring to invest on appearances, rather than substance.

And when it comes to substance, the Producer, Engineer, Label Owner, Multi-instrumentalist and Singer/Songwriter Eric Corne has got bags of them, in every of the aforementioned fields. An artist that has been working for a few years now, as Producer and Engineer, with the elite of the music world (Walter Trout, John Mayall etc), Corne released his debut album in 2015 called Kid Dynamite & The Common Man, a record that showed great promises, as a musician too, of this young but extraordinarily talented artist on many different levels.

It's always an event when a new Cedric Burnside album is released, for many different reasons. First and foremost, to remind us all of the huge contribution that the Mississippi Hill Country sound has given, in the last half a century and beyond, to the fundamentals of Blues in its entirety, through artists like R.L. Burnside, Mississippi Fred McDowell or Junior Kimbrough, for example.

Another good reason is that Cedric Burnside is one of the very few artists left in the world capable to recreate perfectly the Hill Country sound and atmospheres, thanks to his instinctive, inner ability to adapt the mood and the vibes of the Hill Country Blues to his personal tales about life, loss, fears and hopes.

When the Portland, Maine duet, ARMIES released their self-titled debut album in 2015, Rolling Stone Magazine listed it as one of the year’s 15 great albums you didn’t hear.

Over the last three years, Dave Gutter and Anna Lombard have played out a lot in support of that recording. Along the way they’ve learned how to keep the nucleus of ARMIES focused in on its true north: Be ferocious lyrical adversaries— an Angel on one shoulder, the Devil on the other, and blend instrumentation into their artistic expression.

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