There are artists who were born with music in their DNA and there is no age limit to their talent, not even the awareness of having sold millions of records and had more than 8 career gold records that can stop that almost visceral need to continue playing and making music, over the years.

This can be, in summary, what the world-famous and hugely talented singer-songwriter John Fogerty who has known, within his glorious career, moments of very high artistic inspiration, must be feeling within himself, despite his very successful 50-plus years spent in the music business at extraordinary level, in the first instance, with Creedence Clearwater Revival, between '68 and '72 and then as a solo artist.

It is so refreshing and reinvigorating, in these days and age, to be still able to find records built on improvisations, feelings and creativity, as the core of their genesis. 

Those attributes have, truth to be told and together with their individual talent as musicians, always been at the forefront of the idea of composing music by acoustic bass and foot percussion player Greg Istock, violinist Eli Wrankle and singer and multi-instrumentalist Hal Cannon, better known, as a collective, as 3Hattrio.

If you are born an artist, there is no way that you can perceive the idea of slowing down or even, maybe, getting an early retirement from the scene, no matter how successful you may be. That is due to the fact that you cannot help to stop falling in love with music more and more as the days go by, especially when it gives you still that burning desire to explore new sonic alleyways together with your Band Of Brothers.

This may as well be, in short, the story of the American ultra-talented guitarist and singer/songwriter Steve Lukather's life, a man and musician whose whole existence has gravitated around music and still does, either as the main driving force of the multi-awarded and million-records selling Rock band Toto, as a member of the Ringo's All-Stars Band or as a solo artist, just as he has done in his brand new album, called I Found The Sun Again.

What defines, often, true artistry from a more mediocre one, within the music industry, it is the type of approach that a musician put in his/her own body of work, especially, when making music becomes almost a sort of otherworldly experience.

In that respect, Japanese-born improvisational Pianist and Composer Naoko Sakata, who last year reached the shortlist for the Bluebird Reviews' Artist Of The Year Award thanks to a truly inspired record called Inner Planets, knows very well the meaning of releasing completely mind and soul into music, while working on the making of a record.

It is incredibly fascinating to see the way we, as a society, all manage to describe snapshots of our personal lives through different methods, especially in a world like the one we are living in right now.

To Yours Truly, there are not many things better than music, to help to describe a life journey or to frame a special moment of our existences through lyrics and sounds, just as so beautifully did the New York City-based singer/songwriter Heather Eatman on her brand new album, called Gorgeous Maze.

There are not many records, in music history, able to stand the test of time, as much as 1975's Short Cut Draw Blood from British drummer and singer/songwriter Jim Capaldi does.

Capaldi, who sadly died, back in 2004, together with delivering, as a drummer and co-songwriter with the Jazz/Prog/Psychedelic Rock band Traffic, through the 70's some of the most famous Rock and Roll anthems of the last century, like Dear Mr. Fantasy, Freedom Rider and Paper Sun, among others, has also released several solo albums, some of them, very successfully, including Short Cut Draw Blood.

When in 2015 the British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist sensation Mark Reilly, a.k.a. Matt Bianco and the renowned Jazz Dutch ensemble New Cool Collective got together to join forces for the very first time on a record, the result was quite spectacular.

The outcome of that collaboration was an album called The Things You Love, where the unanimous love for both parties of all the things related to Latin American music, Jazz, Swing and R&B, among others, it gave birth to a record of a certain sonic magniloquence, which saw unanimous consensus coming from both long time Matt Bianco and NCC's fans and the music press.

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