It's always worth, for a music artist, to revisit archives full of their own material that, for a reason or another, has never been released, because you can never be sure of how much goodness one can find, into said archives.

It is a little bit what happened to the British Columbia-based guitarist and singer/songwriter Jonathan Burden, one of the finest Roots/Bluesmen around in the current Canadian music scene, when working on the release of his brand new album.

For quite some time, it was rather rare to hear and feel Guitar Supremo, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Ted Horowitz, a.k.a. Popa Chubby, as happy and extremely optimist about the future like he is on his brand new album called Emotional Gangster.

Traditionally, Horowitz is and he has always been very upfront, direct and honest music artist, when it comes to his inspired songwriting but sometimes, the overall feeling generated from some of his records emanated a little bitterness here and there, especially towards social and political injustices.

One thing that is not often enough taken into consideration, about the Italian Blues Harmonica Master and singer/songwriter Marco Pandolfi, it is his multi-faceted ability to play other instruments like acoustic guitar and piano with the same effortless class used by the Italian artist when playing his beloved Harmonica.

Whilst most of Pandolfi's previous records showcased, in particular, together with his insane talent as an Harmonica player also his remarkable skills as a singer, Marco Pandolfi's brand new album called No Expectation displays in full the Italian multi-instrumentalist skills just like a bottle of the most refined red wine would do, when opened .

There is a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, about the way that singer/songwriter, guitarist and actor Kevin Moore, a.k.a. Keb' Mo', sees and feels music on each passing record.

Often the American artist has stated that all that he sings about, in his songs, it is related to life, that very same life we are all living right now. Undoubtedly, the feeling that all about Keb' Mo' songs sounds very real, it resonates with people and it has always been and still is one of the winning musical recipes, through the years and his many records, of this rather extraordinary Man Of Music.

There is so much that has been said and written about the American Guitar Prodigy and singer/songwriter Eric Gales, throughout his solo career so far.

Unquestionably, whilst being universally recognized as a true Guitar Virtuoso, Gales has also gone through various highs and lows in his career and personal life, in recent years, until finally finding peace and clarity with himself, as a human being. This positive outcome helped the American guitarist to re-gain, as a natural consequence, that desire that helped him to focus on his many artistic talents and ignite again that spark and creativity that has and still makes of Eric Gales one of the classiest and most inspired Blues/Rock guitarists of this generation.

It is always a little heartbreaking to hear that music projects of a certain depth, vision and exceptional creativity arrive to an end.

This is exactly the case of the Swedish Improvisational Jazz quintet called Farvel, now announcing officially that their brand new album, the fourth of their remarkable career and called Farväl, it is their very own swan song.

The world of music is a very difficult one to understand. In the last half century, in particular, it seems that often (and sadly) aestheticism supported by low artistic talent is preferred to artists with immense compositional, singing and musical skills, thus placing, in this way, the global concept of "music" at a somewhat immature and disrespectful level.

It may therefore seem a total nonsense that there is still someone who in the last twenty years has never heard of the Danish singer-songwriter Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornado, an artist who has, repeatedly, in this first part of the century, produced records of great value and staure, showing off not only talent in industrial quantities but also an eclectic and extensive musical background that is rarely easy to find, in the context of contemporary music of the century that we are currently experiencing.

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