It's quite fascinating the musical path that a band like Supersonic Blues Machine is walking through, album after album.

After their highly celebrated 2016 debut called West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco, the American collective showed all the signal of a band with a strong Blues/Rock pedigree, mixed with elements of Soul and Funk, able to marry skilled songwriting, songs containing bags of melody and a musical texture of considerable power.

There is no wonder why an authentic force of nature like the Soul, R&B and Blues singer/songwriter Ann Peebles used to be one of John Lennon's most favorite singers ever.

Peebles, who was inducted back in 2014 at the Memphis Music Hall Of Fame, has certainly been one of the hottest names in the music industry between 1969 and 1979, when she reached worldwide popularity with hit singles such as I Can't Stand The Rain and I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down, among others.

During the Eighties in Italy, music was welcoming with open arms new musical waves, such as New Romantic, New Wave or Synth-Pop coming from the United Kingdom and also the Stadium Rock, Pop and R&B from the United States of emblematic artists of that decade, such as Bruce Springsteen or Michael Jackson, among many others.

In all this, the Italian musical platform was strongly supported by a conspicuous number of artists, whose purely songwriting vein and style, although supported by great lyrical creativity, did not offer many alternatives or innovations, neither sonic nor lyrical.

A new single release out now from New York-based singer/songwriter Pamela Sue Mann!

Pink Flamingo is an uplifting, heartwarming tune, a song that celebrates the joy of life and love after the pandemic.

The sense of freedom and the energy that exudes through the song's lyrics are so joyous and comforting. Mann's suave vocals are, once again, a breeze of fresh sonic air running through a listener's lungs and soul.

You can watch the video of Pink Flamingo at the link here below:

The single is also available to be purchased via Bandcamp at Pamela Sue Mann's Official Page.

It's always exciting, for who writes about music, to discover every time new angles in the infinite power that this art form exercises on human being. While some music artists often find refuge into it, using music almost as a platform for self-therapy, others search passionately for strength or feel-good vibes, so to be able to exorcise some negative karma running into their everyday's lives.

With that in mind, the new album of the American prodigy Pianist and singer/songwriter A.J. Croce, called By Request, it marries perfectly those aforementioned state of minds, adding to them electrifying sparks of joy and nostalgia at the same time too to a record that, in our opinion, it makes Croce's new release be one of the most inspired chapters of the artist's glorious music career to date.

It happens rarely that a new record hits you straight in the face in the most positive and wonderful way, when you hit the "Play" button on your CD Player. Then, when you realize that the magic of that record does not stop at the end of Track No.1 but, instead, it keeps on giving on each of the following tunes, that is the moment when you understand that you are dealing with a high quality record.

Yes, because that is exactly what the ninth and latest release of Seattle Powerhouse Lady A, called Satisfyin' is; an eclectic, highly pleasing combo of Soul, Blues, Fusion, R&B and Funk that lifts your spirit throughout the whole duration of the record.

It is certainly refreshing to hear a record coming from an artist that embraces the idea of free form, as approach to music, in a completely unspoiled and direct manner.

This is, in short and in our personal opinion, what happens on the record called The Picture, the second release of the solo project of Swedish Bass/Double Bass artist and composer Alfred Lorinius, called Stormfågel. 

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