The German minimalist piano composer has always been, since his debut album of 2014, a very talented but also an enigmatic artist very difficult to specifically pigeonhole in a defined genre.


From Classica to Jazz, both layered with fragments of Electronica and even Rock, Lambert has always loved to maintain an open door, in his next projects, due to his idea of letting free-form piano music breathing of its own accord, without having to stick to specific sonic requirements.

For the last good decade, Rock'N'Roll has not been able to reinvent itself very much. There have been the occasional exceptions, here and there but, fundamentally, not many music artists have been capable to reignite that fire brought by the Prog or Psychedelic Rock of the late 70's, the Hard-Rock or Heavy-Metal of the 80's or the Grunge of the 90's.

It is therefore a relief, every so often, to come across to a record that embraces different stages of the last 5 decades of Rock'N'Roll, translating them in a more personal and contemporary form like the brand new record of the American guitarist and singer/songwriter Jared James Nichols.

It has been a long time coming, for the several thousands of fans of the British Blues/Rock Guitar Maestro and singer/songwriter Aynsley Lister, to finally hear that a new studio album from the talented Leicester born and bread artist was ready to be released, back in November 2022.

Truth to be told, Lister had constantly been touring the United Kingdom and the best part of Europe, after his penultimate, highly acclaimed 2016 Eyes Wide Open album but his many followers were starting wondering when the British guitarist would have recorded a follow-up album that would match the intensity and beauty of a record like Eyes Wide Open.

It is never too late to discover albums that hide a certain fascination about them, even if the albums in question might have been released some time ago.

Our website stumbled in a very interesting record called Sottili Polveri (Thin Dusts) released back at the end of 2021 from the Italian Synth-Phenomenon Giorgio Ricci, a.k.a. Templezone, who has made his name in Italy and several European countries in the last decade, especially, thanks to an highly thrilling and sometimes impenetrable sonic pastiche that combines Electronica and 90's Trip-Hop with layers of Ambient, Jazz or even Industrial-Rock, at times.

One of the best sides of Jazz, as a genre, it is that it can move very fast to unexpected directions, due to its freedom of expression and the power of going off tangent at every stage of a composition or an improvisation and still sounding great.

Moreover, Jazz has been among the very few genres that has moved on since its very beginning, where the improvisational skills of a musician or a composer were defined as Avant-Garde, an expression that is commonly used still today to define someone that is willing to experiment with music without following a certain structure but just by following their instinct and talent.

Very few artists are able to dig deep into the history and tradition of American Music with such passion and supported by enormous talent like the American Guitarist and singer songwriter JD Simo.

The Nashville-based artist and winner of a Bluebird Reviews Award as Best Live Act does not need too much of an introduction to those passionate fans of contemporary Blues/Rock. Following a very successful stint with his then trio called simply Simo, in 2017 the guitarist disbanded the project, although keeping on working with long time friend and collaborator, one of the best drummers in the business Adam Abrashoff, to then starting a solo career that has produced remarkable body of works, such as Off At 11 or Mind Control, amongst others, together with earning high accolades from the worldwide music press for his contribution in the soundtrack of the biopic called "Elvis", about Presley's life and career.

One of the most intriguing and highly fascinating sonic mash-up in American music history of the last half century, it is what is called by many as American Desert Music, where Folk, Desert Music of Arabic roots, Bluegrass and Blues merge together in a perhaps unorthodox (to music's purists) but undoubtedly effective style.

American Desert Music, through its shape, allows music artists to build personalized sound structures of different nature using as their basis instruments like banjo or mandolin, sounds that also help said artist to shape their songwriting and their vocal deliveries at the same time in a very unique and yet very evocative way.

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