In music, as often happens in life to many of us, individuals need to fight really hard to overcome personal struggles against their own demons, in order to find the energy and the right motivations to then rise again.

This very succinct fact of life seems to be the mirror of what has been happening in later years to the British singer and songwriter Mollie Marriott, an artist whose promising, rising career took a severe down turn back in 2012 for personal reasons. Thankfully, time managed to heal those emotional scars that Marriott was facing and, little by little, the young artist re-gained trust in her artistic skills.

When somebody mentions the state of Texas in the United States in a music context, one cannot avoid to associate this beautiful part of America to genres like the blues and the rock, styles that have been always in the musical DNA of this part of the States.

Through times, a new generation of artists is bringing to the Texan music table new, fresh ideas and new intuitions on how to combine the aforementioned genres with alternative layers of sound coming from different times but still resounding very much contemporary and innovative.

Unpredictability and experimentation are two words that not many artists have the guts to add in their vocabulary, when the time comes to record a new album in nowadays music scene.

This is not, fortunately, the case of the All-Stars, Los Angeles-based band Rock Candy Funk Party, due to release their brand new album called The Groove Cubed, a record that has no fear whatsoever to go against any traditional, compositional technique but preferring instead to let the band members to express freely their artistry at 360 degrees.

To follow up a solid, powerful and eclectic record like Bottle Full Of Blues was never an easy task to fulfill for Pennsylvania's guitarist, singer and songwriter Jeff Fetterman. Where a musician would normally stick on a tried and true formula, in order not to upset his fans, Fetterman goes instead, on his brand new album called 9 Miles To Nowhere, on a music path where his instinct and his eternal love for blues naturally lead him to.

The blues is and has always been part of Fetterman's DNA, something that emerged also clearly on his previous studio record, although armoniously shuffled with other genres also close to the artist's heart, like funk and rock.

A live album represents, for many artists, a way to sum up or celebrate their careers so far. For others, like the British Blues/Rock collective King King, their 2016's Live album was, at the same time, a recorded statement of the brilliancy of their live performances and also a way to measure carefully what their next musical step was going to be.

Scottish guitarist, singer/songwriter and King King's band leader Alan Nimmo knew very well, prior to start recording the band's new studio album called Exile & Grace, the importance of creating the right balance between inspired songwriting, solid melodies and to allow plenty of artistic creativity of each band member, something that has become his trademark working approach through the years, on his next writing challenge.

When, in 2016, the All-Star Group Supersonic Blues Machine released their debut album West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco, their propulsive recipe of blues, rock and extraordinarily well crafted songs made a real impact in the music scene worldwide. Some of the biggest superstars of blues/rock and long time friends of the band took part in the album as well as Special Guests, adding to an already dynamic formula an extra touch of musical grandiosity, something that kept happening during their live performances around the globe too.

With those premises and pressure to deliver a follow-up album that would match the depth of class and craftmanship displayed in their debut record, Fabrizio Grossi (bass), Lance Lopez (guitar, vocals) and Kenny Aronoff (drums) worked incessantly at Grossi's recording studio in West Hollywood to put together a record that would give justice to their talent as musicians and allow the band to open up to new directions of sound.

2016 was a pivotal year in the making of one of the most respected, revered and very much loved rock and roll bands worldwide, the Nashville trio Simo. That year saw the album Let Love Show The Way catapulting JD Simo (guitars, vocals), Adam Abrashoff (drums) and Elad Shapiro (bass) to the attention of the entire music business, through a record that encapsulated perfectly the spirit, the musical message, the vision and the roots of a band embracing the 70's rock psychedelia with their own added personal, contemporary twist.

When Rise & Shine, the band's new album, was released in September 2017, some of their fans were initially taken by surprise by the expansion of the band's trademark sound, now incorporating elements of genres like funk, soul, roots and desert-rock.

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