If there is an Award for best name for an artist or for a band, North Jersey-born artist John Mosloskie should certainly win one for his artistic alias, Gutter Sparrow.

The American artist had previously released his debut back in 2017, with an album called The Fear Of Forgottenness that attracted the curiosity of the American Music press for the unique musical approach that Mosloskie/Gutter Sparrow loves to apply to his compositions.

Too often, in his career, Pedal Steel Guitar Maestro Robert Randolph and his Family Band has been unjustifiably labelled only either as a Blues or a Blues/Rock artist, certainly diminutives to the stature of the American guitarist's artistic skills. The New Jersey-born guitarist, singer and songwriter has, instead and undoubtedly vastly showcased, throughout the years and his discography, that he is able to play and sing, thanks to his great artistic skills and his enormous talent, an incredible variety of genres at a very high level, from Soul to Funk, from R&B to Blues and the list keeps ongoing.

The way that Randolph's musical ability has vastly increased and expanded, especially in later years and, in particular, on a key album like the 2013's studio album Lickety Split, is quite remarkable. Lickety Split was, in a way, the peak of the American guitarist's musical journey through mastering his already rich R&B and Funk background, a journey that saw him and his band forging a distinctive and powerful trademark sound that confirmed Randolph & The Family Band as one of the hottest bands worldwide in those genres. 

It's a great feeling to know that there are still talented musicians out there that still love creating music and play it for the sole purpose of making art and enjoy themselves.

When in 2016, bassist and producer Fabrizio Grossi, drummer Kenny Aronoff and guitarist and singer Lance Lopez (the latter replaced now by English Blues/Rock rising star Kris Barras), decided to put together the SuperGroup called Supersonic Blues Machine, a project that was assembling also, from time to time, Special Guests of the caliber of Walter Trout, Billy F. Gibbons, Robben Ford and Eric Gales, just to mention a few, the unanimous and immediate feeling from fans and music press was that the combo of sound created by this new musical project was direct, inspired and respectful of the Blues/Rock roots of the 70's combined with a more fresh and contemporary sonic output, something that Supersonic Blues Machine was able to replicate brilliantly on their 2017's follow-up album called Californisoul.

One of the many secrets about being a skilled songwriter, for a musician, it has always been that capacity to maintain, through the artist's lyrics, contact with the reality that surrounds our everyday's life in the most truthful and honest way.

In that respect, British Troubadour Sean Taylor, one of the most versatile, refined and interesting singer/songwriters of the current English music scene, has certainly hit the spot on his brand new album, called The Path Into Blue.

One of the greatest gifts that the art of music carries within, it is that one doesn't necessarily need to be a true connoisseur of a particular genre to be able to love a record, as long as the aforementioned record speaks, in some ways, to those listening to it.

When said music is drenched as well with strong melodies and harmonies, packed with superb arrangements and sang soulfully with passion, power and honesty, it is impossible not to fall in love with it for anybody.

It is almost unthinkable, in these days and age, to be able to maintain the high musical standards and level of popularity that one of the most successful Scottish bands of all time (if not the most successful), Runrig, has constantly maintained since their early days, back in 1973.

An accomplishment of an even bigger scale, for the Scottish collective, given the fact that their music and their playing style has shifted different musical gears and evolved, throughout the years, to several sonic shapes, moving from the dance tunes of the beginning stage of their career to more Folk and Rock territories, often shuffling the lot in an inspired and uplifting musical pastiche which had always, as a constant common ground, the moods and vibes of that beautiful part of the world that is Scotland.

It was written in the stars that one of Detroit's most impressive Blues/Rock singer/songwriter of the last decade, Eliza Neals, would cross artistic path with New York's Blues/Rock giant Popa Chubby, sooner or later.

To work on her next project, well conscious of the enormous success of 2017's album 10.000 Feet Below and the amount of expectations from fans and music press, it would have put a lot of pressure on many other artists but not to Eliza Neals. 

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