Ol' Glory is released on February 23rd 2015 in Europe and February 24th 2015 in North America by PROVOGUE/MASCOT LABEL GROUP

In a time of over-refined and over-produced record making in the last twenty-odd years, this album arrives like a breeze of fresh air in the music business. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, JJ Grey has been nurturing the ambition to entwine the work of two of his most beloved music heroes, Jerry Reed and Otis Redding.

 Fabrizio Poggi Chicken Mambo Spaghetti Juke Joint

When a new record by Fabrizio Poggi is released, the heartbeat of every blues fan of the genre begins to pulsate faster, as the sound of Fabrizio's harmonica.

Spaghetti Juke Joint is a tribute to those Italians who emigrated to America in search of work at the end of 1800, in the plantations of Mississippi and and that maybe, who knows, as some urban legend recalls, may have really opened a Juke Joint somewhere in-between the cotton fields. The disc itself pays homage to the genre in full 360 degrees. The sounds and rhytms that run through the record are suspended between the Delta Blues sound of Sonny Boy Williamson, the best period of the English blues masters such as Rory Gallagher and the blues rock of titans like Canned Heat and the late great Johnny Winter.


Anticipating the delivery of Ben Ottewells new record was as much because I had no idea what his music sounded like, and equally because I was hoping to be swept off my feet. Being unfamiliar with the music of the band he is a member of, Britain's 'GOMEZ", my intention is there would be no comparisons with Gomez's music. As soon as I heard the first song, 'Rattlebag', I knew this was just the surprise I was hoping for.


10 years in the pipeline have gone by but finally, this memorable live event sees the light of the day. Sco-Mule is the new live "baby" of the Gov't Mule, a band that never fails to surprise, always in a very positive way musically speaking featuring John Scofield, a very eclectic jazz-rock guitarist that has been performing with the best names in the Jazz business through the years (Charlie Mingus and Miles Davis, amongst many many others).

Let's clear something straight away; I think Paul Gilbert's absolute best always comes from his enormous talent on guitar and very rarely through his singing voice. Nevertheless, the album is a delightful pastiche of different music tempos and genres, in which Gilbert's signature playing style take the listeners into a fancy flight into worldwide music at 360 degrees.

Despite clocking off at approximately 42 minutes, the album offers a fabulous package of 8 covers and 3 originals, all played superbly by Gilbert. From pop classics such as Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" to The Beatles' "Why Don't We Do It In The Road," to more stomping rock- tempo charged tunes such as Loverboy's "Working For The Weekend" or The Police's "Murder By Numbers," the American guitarist never ceased to amaze through his eclecticism and infinite class.

The record reaches its peak on the originals, though. The album's title track that closes is the only tune sang by Gilbert and what a treat it is! The lyrics are very intimate, almost sounding personal and the sound goes into a crescendo from acoustic to electric like a rising sun. "Shock Absorber" has almost got some Zeppelin-esque echoes, while the slow number "Purple Without All The Red," is a great exercise of simplicity on guitar. It takes the listeners on an imaginary stroll throughon a South-American sea shore, lulled by the sweetness that the melody of the tune carries.

Thirteen solo albums in - and Paul Gilbert always finds the way to amaze anybody by engaging the listeners on a music path that surely, this extraordinary musician will continue to successfully follow for many years to come.


gioAbout Our Author: Giovanni "Gio" Pilato is Italian music writer, who has been living in UK since 2002. With an enormous passion for music, and life in general, his interest in the communications began at 11 years old. He worked briefly for local radios in his youth and did a one-off radio show on 2007 on the glorious BBC 6 Music Radio station. Gio started his freelance journalist career in 2012, with Italian artists, and is now mainly focusing on blues artists. To follow Gio Pilato and his all cool radio show, Visit: (RTL 102.5 Cool (Webradio)): http://www.rtl.it/Cool


Shaman's Harvest - Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns - The Review


The album that almost was never going to be completed; the band vocalist Nathan Hunt was diagnosed with throat cancer at the start of the recording process and one could have really feared the worst. Instead, this thunderous rock band from Jefferson City, Missouri, releases possibly their best album to date, a true labour of love and determination.

ARTIST:  Robin DeLorenzo

ALBUM:  Walkin' Miles In My Shoes

LABEL:    Independent

RELEASE DATE: May 28, 2014

Robin DeLorenzo Official Website

Robin DeLorenzo iTunes

Because music is subjective and not objective, it must impact me before I am willing to publically comment on someone's livelihood and artisty. I give the review proces all that I can, by listening to a new CD several times. In the end, I discover something about myself and this gigantic world through the voice of a total stranger.

It brings me great pleasure to introduce Robin DeLorenzo. 

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