One Less Reason: A Blueprint For Writhing

"Deep, meaningful, hard rock. One Less Reason songs are more lyrically heavy than musically heavy, and there's always a message. It's all based around those four letter words - love, hate, pain, hope."

~One Less Reason.

The post-grunge era has given us a wealth of experience with rushing guitar work, and an embracing of the raw.The quality metal bands can produce amped up volume rock, while keeping the tone accessible.  Keeping lyrics ethereal and even soulful, while reaching new creative heights in loud, is often a great balance to strike for a heavy band. The contrast of soaring guitar, impact vocals and lightening drums, to set the background for a gripping lyrical song, is what can really bring an audience into the fold. We all deal with good and evil, relationships, and the cycle of life. We have questions in our heads each day, whether we are aware of it or not. Lyrics put words to these thoughts and music captures the emotions simultaneously. One Less Reason does all of this. With power and intellect, the band clearly sets themselves apart in their new record, A Blueprint For Writhing. After leaving Universal Records to self-release their own productions, thousands of fans supported their latest project so the band could follow their creative souls. The result?

In a word, A Blueprint For Writhing is STUNNING. (Ok, so you want another word?)

A Blueprint for Writhing is RIVETING.

Welcome to a mix of roots rock, with a singer-songwriter casual style. Nashville based, Keith Moody, brings classic rock influences of Tom Petty and blues guitar riffs to his second album, Dreaming Out Loud. Smooth enough to be compared to pop hit-sters, John Mayer or the Gin Blossoms, but lower in blues keys and soulful topics, Moody will not sell out the indie crowd. Rustic countrified on some tracks, he dusts everything he does with Southern charm. Dreaming Out Loud has rhythmic beats and great productions, which bring a fresh collection of ballads and catchy hooks to your door. Lyrics are hopeful, inspiring and grounded in real life. My favorite track is "Up". Fast paces and tight solos, wrap around the upbeat numbers, with nuggets that will take you for an open wide, window car ride, this summer.

Kenny Roby: Memories and Birds.

Released: April 2, 2013.

Label: Little Criminal Records.

"Words come easy to a fool

after all they're just words

And only descriptive tools for memories and birds."  ~Kenny Roby, Memories and Birds (2013).

North Carolina based singer-songwriter Kenny Roby (6 String Drag) brings poetic art to well produced, stand alone, music pieces, in his new record, Memories and Birds. The list of contributing artists and number of well appointed instruments is noteworthy here, although Roby gets a lot of press for his very unique lyrics. Influenced by Randy Newman and Townes Van Zant, the philosophy that words in music don't always have to be upbeat, gives him permission to tell stories as dark and twisted as a T.S. Eliot meets Falkner poem. However, the score that flows behind the pieces is warm and inviting. The listener is held steady, as the imagery changes.

This 8 track collection is a monument of eclectic relativism, that expands as it plays. Each song is unique in its own right, but Roby's style comes through. The lyrics, honest and sometimes stark, also come around with a subtle moral of the story, that is positive and humane.

Review by Paul "Whitey" Renstrom:

Whitey has been a bass player and songwriter for years. Living in the Hudson Valley, he is now in a roots rock band called THE TALL WEEDS. With a long history of playing classic rock, metal, punk and folk rock, he is our resident new music expert and just happens to love SEVENDUST. Here is what he had to say about Black Out The Sun.

The latest effort by the band SEVENDUST is called Black Out The Sun. As a die hard Seven Dust fan, I gotta say they delivered another great album. This album stays much more true to their early sound, similar to what can be heard on their second album 'HOME," and their 3rd album "ANIMOSITY". Their last album was the first effort by the band with the return of original guitarist Clint Lowery. That album, "Cold Day Memory," seemed to take a lighter approach to the music.

Black Out The Sun is back to that "in your face" driving rhythms with very melodic choruses that have become signature in SEVENDUST music. With a nice acoustic start to the album with the first song "Memory" it leaves the true Seven Dust fan wondering what's next. As soon as the second song "Faithless" starts I knew I was in for some good old SEVENDUST metal.


An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House

New York native and professional blues-rock musician, Joe Bonamassa, does not take one thing about his career for granted. "It's a combination of God's gift and work ethic," Len Bonamassa has said of his son's talent. "He's got more miles on a guitar than most 60 year-olds." As a result, his childhood dream to play the Royal Albert Hall in London was fulfilled on May 5, 2009, marking one of many milestones along his lifelong journey in keeping the blues alive.

In summer 2012, after coming off from a seventeen-week, world solo tour, Bonamassa returned home to Los Angeles, California. Within seven days, he had recorded 'Afterglow' with the hard rock, super-group, Black Country Communion; collaborated with L.A. songstress Beth Hart on a follow-up offering to their 2011 soul-classics covers album 'Don't Explain'; and rearranged two dozen acoustic songs for his next musical adventure: An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House.

THE REAL: Another First Step

Released: March 2, 2013

Toronto rock band, THE REAL have been playing live shows and running EP's for quite some time now. There is a loyal following of this band for good reason. They take their songs and improve on them, rather than cranking out more, it is quality over quantity.

For example, the song, "Becks" has been on the web for well over two years. I've heard both live and recorded versions played with focus, and each take gets tighter and tighter.

Enter: Another First Step.


We Want Groove is Delightfully Rhythmic!

Band: Rock Candy Funk Party

Album: We Want Groove

Label: J & R Adventures, Inc.

Producer: Tal Bergman

Released: Jan, 2013 

Hailed as a "child prodigy" and guitar "virtuoso", blues-rock legend, Joe Bonamassa announced to his fans another musical adventure; a new chapter in his storied livelihood. As it turns out, the latest side project did not involve '70s classic rock/hard rock, as was the case with super-group Black Country Communion, or the rework of soul and blues staples, with L.A. songstress, Beth Hart, as heard on their 2011 debut album, 'Don't Explain.' (However, a later press statement did confirm where the duo will enter the studio in January.) Much to my amusement, the headlines read, "Bonamassa Goes Funk."

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