One of the greatest gifts that the art of music carries within, it is that one doesn't necessarily need to be a true connoisseur of a particular genre to be able to love a record, as long as the aforementioned record speaks, in some ways, to those listening to it.

When said music is drenched as well with strong melodies and harmonies, packed with superb arrangements and sang soulfully with passion, power and honesty, it is impossible not to fall in love with it for anybody.

It was written in the stars that one of Detroit's most impressive Blues/Rock singer/songwriter of the last decade, Eliza Neals, would cross artistic path with New York's Blues/Rock giant Popa Chubby, sooner or later.

To work on her next project, well conscious of the enormous success of 2017's album 10.000 Feet Below and the amount of expectations from fans and music press, it would have put a lot of pressure on many other artists but not to Eliza Neals. 

For the best part of her artistic life, the music career of Canadian singer/songwriter Holly Hyatt has been linked to her father's one, guitarist and singer Jon Burden. As one half of the project called Holly and Jon, Hyatt has achieved great artistic goals, together with her father, in the last decade.

Throughout their careers, the duo heavily impressed fans and music press in Canada and in the States especially through two key records, the 2012's album called 1929 and Shufflin' The Blues, released in 2016, two albums that combined elements of Roots, Americana and Folk in an irresistible musical and vocal combo of great beauty and intensity created by both father and daughter.

Music artists are a little like explorers. Thanks to their vision and to their way of thinking outside the box, such artists are often capable to go out of their artistic comfort zone and, through time, to find themselves still able to make art at a very high level, in areas where some fans may have not expected maybe 20 years ago.

One of those artists is certainly the Israeli-born drummer and producer Tal Bergman. His exceptional talent and great versatility as a drummer has brought the Los Angeles based artist to work with the elite of the music business, through the last three decades, from Simple Minds to LL Cool J or from Rod Stewart to Billy Idol, just to mention a few.

Italy has always been one of those country able to provide an endless amount of music artists through times and different generations. Italian music has grown and evolved a lot, through the years and the last half a century has been, so far, one of the most inspired, artistically speaking, for "Il Bel Paese".

One of those artists that has been building, since the beginning of his career, an increasing amount of appreciation coming from the worldwide press and music fans, is World Music and Jazz singer/songwriter Joe Barbieri.

Some music fans may find difficult to believe that a band that has been together for 25 years and released countless live albums, they may be still able to surprise and entertain their followers at a very high level of musicianship.

In most cases, this way of thinking may prove true to many artists, but it certainly doesn't apply to one of the most powerful, sonically multi-faceted and forward thinking bands in the world today, the American four-piece collective Gov't Mule.

German Industrial Techno-Metal band Rammstein used to be, in the early days of their career, to the eyes of some music fans, like marmite, you either loved them or hated them.

Their 1997 biggest ever hit to date though, called Du Hast, became an authentic game changer for the Teutonic Rock band, with the German collective growing exponentially, from that point on, in popularity year after year and album after album. Their explosive formula of Metal and dark Industrial Rock, slowly moved, through the years, in wider musical territory, from Techno to minimalistic Electronica, culminating in that masterful record called Liebe Ist Für Alle Da in 2009, which was, coincidentally, also their last studio album to date.

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