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An Artist is a Master Of Art, as some renowned dictionaries would confirm. On this subject, when it comes to the Art of music, it gets even more important to separate those who are legitimate Artists from those who are just attempting to become as such, but they have not quite forged yet the required skills to bring them to that vital next level.

The city of Salisbury in United Kingdom knows very well when a true Artist comes to town and there is no wonder why the local City Hall has sold out the 1200-plus seats of the venue so fast for the arrival in town of Blues and Rock Titan Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band.

Photos by Giovanni "Gio" Pilato

There are not many backdrops as spectacular as Blenheim Palace in the whole of the United Kingdom, for an outdoor music festival. Home of the 12th Duke Of Marlborough and his family, Blenheim Palace is also 2019’s very special residence to Nocturne Live, one of the most renowned music events of the United Kingdom in later years. 

As part of the Nocturne Live concert series, Bluebird Reviews could not miss the opportunity to be at the event on Saturday 22nd June, to review the day's headliners show and one of the most successful British band of the last 4 decades of music history, the almighty Tears For Fears.

Among the many musical events that take place every year in the capital of the United Kingdom, it is wonderful to see how an event like the BluesFest gets (deservedly) all the success and the audience that year after year, confirm this beautiful music festival as one of the top musical events in London.

In a 4-days event that counted a line-up full of world-famous artists including, among many others, musicians of great stature such as Robert Plant, Robert Cray, John Fogerty, Van Morrison and Beth Hart, to name a few, the BluesFest 2018 Sunday's Great Finale was going to be one to remember, thanks to the presence of one of the undisputed queens of Bluegrass like Alison Krauss and, last but not least, as headliners of the final night of the BluesFest, the American band Counting Crows, currently on Tour celebrating their 25-years anniversary in the music scene.

Photos by Marty Moffatt

The most tangible sign of the success of a concert comes always from the type of response of the audience. A response that sometimes manifests itself in a jubilant manner, with the public intent on jumping and singing the artist in question's songs or many times, purely expressively, through a broad smile running all the way through their lips.

Tonight, at The Brook in Southampton, in the south of the United Kingdom, Bluebird Reviews has got the privilege once again to find itself in the presence of one of the most complete and interesting artists of the world music scene, Samantha Fish.

Photos by Bluebird Reviews

England's capital is very fortunate, in these days, to welcome some of the greatest muses of contemporary music. One of these aforementioned and very rare to find muses, New Jersey-born singer/songwriter Dana Fuchs, has chosen London as part of her 2018 Tour supporting her brand new album called Love Lives On, a record that sees the American artist delivering, undoubtedly, the best album of her career so far.

European fans are and have always been very supportive of this hugely talented singer and songwriter in many different ways, embracing her artistry and her humanity both with the same intensity and passion.

It takes a lot of working behind the scene to be able to take on Tour a show like Mezzanine XX1, especially in view of the incredible success that British Trip-Hop superstars Massive Attack achieved in 1998, when the album Mezzanine was released originally.

Twenty-one years after and with one band member less (Andrew Vowles a.k.a. Mushroom left the band one year after the release of Mezzanine), there were a lot of expectations from the Worldwide press and the several thousands of band's fans around the world on how would have Massive Attack managed to bring back on stage an album that confirmed, back then, the Bristolian band as one of the most original, innovative and creative music projects in the world.

There is always something a bit more special in watching someone like the American singer/songwriter Sari Schorr performing live. Every show from this amazing artist comes always with everything and even more you may possibly expect from a concert. It is not just the notoriously thunderous and impressive quality of Schorr's vocals or the depth of emotional intensity that constantly emerge from her songs but there is also a unique human factor that shines through any of Sari Schorr's live performances, something that put the American artist always on a higher pedestal in comparison to other artists.

One can always perceive honesty and disarming sincerity in her vocal delivery, almost feeling like the emotions expressed through Sari Schorr's lyrics may as well come from the same place in our hearts, like a silent empathy between the artist and our own life's journey. 

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