For a few years, now, Nocturne Live Music Festival has been and still is one of the best and well organized live events not only throughout the whole of the United Kingdom but also and, may we say, well deservedly, in the whole of Europe.

This music kermesse takes place every year in one of the most grandiose and visually stunning venues in England called Blenheim Palace, owned by the 12th Duke of Marlborough and his Family, a place that displays all its magnificence especially during summer time, where every angle of this breathtaking property shines in all its splendor.

Photo by Fabio Arboit

La Sala Sinopoli dell'Auditorium Parco Della Musica nella splendida cornice Romana sembra, nonostante la sua bellezza architettonica, un po' troppo piccola per i tantissimi fans accorsi il 14 Maggio scorso ad applaudire il celebre cantautore Gianni Togni, il quale, dopo due anni di procrastino del concerto dovuti alla pandemia, e' riuscito finalmente a portare in scena nella sua citta' natale uno show che intende celebrare, seppure in maniera postuma, il quarantennale del suo piu' grande successo discografico, Luna.

In una scaletta che ha ripercorso per sommi capi l'intera carriera del cantautore romano, in oltre due ore di concerto, Togni ha avuto anche l'occasione per raccontare i suoi esordi musicali, alcuni dei quali creati insieme a Guido Morra, uno dei piu' celebrati liricisti della storia della musica italiana dell'ultimo mezzo secolo.

Photo by Gio Pilato

Often an old saying like "What you see is what you get" is not applicable in the music business. There are too many sad stories, out there, related to music artists that have tried (and still do) to sell to their fans for years an image or an idea of musical purity of themselves that isn't true, until they show their real (and not very nicely sounding) musical skin through lacklustre live performances of said artists.

Thankfully and on the other end, there are still, in these days and age, few highly skilled musicians that believe in their instincts, to the magic of improvisation and sonic free-flow solely dictated by their souls and by their visions.

Photo by Laurence Harvey

There is no doubts whatsoever that the American Guitar Prodigy Joe Bonamassa is an absolute ace as a guitar player and the last night of the leg of Bonamassa's UK Tour at one of the most prestigious British Arenas, the Royal Albert Hall, most certainly confirmed it once again.

Bonamassa, at his 11th appearance at the Royal Albert Hall in the last 13 years, looks in pretty good physical and artistic shape and the 135 minutes that will follow his entrance on stage, amply justify the reason why the American guitarist and singer/songwriter has recorded another sold-out at this very illustrious venue.

Photo by Gio Pilato

An Artist is a Master Of Art, as some renowned dictionaries would confirm. On this subject, when it comes to the Art of music, it gets even more important to separate those who are legitimate Artists from those who are just attempting to become as such, but they have not quite forged yet the required skills to bring them to that vital next level.

The city of Salisbury in United Kingdom knows very well when a true Artist comes to town and there is no wonder why the local City Hall has sold out the 1200-plus seats of the venue so fast for the arrival in town of Blues and Rock Titan Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band.

Photo By Gio Pilato

After 6 years since it started, the Blues Fest in London, United Kingdom, one of the major musical events of the year continues to bring some of the biggest and most celebrated artists worldwide. From Robert Plant to Van Morrison and from Steely Dan to Counting Crows, this phenomenal musical kermesse keeps attracting music fans from all over the world, thanks to the constant big effort of the Festival's organizers in bringing some of the best performers around.

Although not strictly related to Blues, as the musical event's may lead to believe, the choice of the opening artist for the 2019's edition could have not be a better one, given the stature of a genius of contemporary Soul and R&B like John Legend.

Photos by Giovanni "Gio" Pilato

There are not many backdrops as spectacular as Blenheim Palace in the whole of the United Kingdom, for an outdoor music festival. Home of the 12th Duke Of Marlborough and his family, Blenheim Palace is also 2019’s very special residence to Nocturne Live, one of the most renowned music events of the United Kingdom in later years. 

As part of the Nocturne Live concert series, Bluebird Reviews could not miss the opportunity to be at the event on Saturday 22nd June, to review the day's headliners show and one of the most successful British band of the last 4 decades of music history, the almighty Tears For Fears.

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