In days like these, where music in its globality lacks of originality and, in some cases, also of musicianship, it is so wonderful to get a breath of classy musical fresh air through the release of the eponymous debut record of the London-based band Jawbone.

Inspired by a song title from The Band's second album, this collective made by four extremely skilled musicians started taking shape and form back in 2008, unbeknown to both Jawbone's lead singers Marcus Bonfanti (Vocals and Guitar) and Paddy Milner (Vocals and Keyboards), when the two artists, who had already a common passion for 70's Folk, Roots and Blues music, lived in the same place for a while in a North London house share. 

If there is any record in 2018 that can best sum the great shape of contemporary Blues/Rock in Great Britain, that record is certainly Mahogany Drift, an album-project put together by three of the finest and most promising Blues/Rock artists of the current British scene, Troy Redfern, Jack J Hutchinson and Mike Ross, under the acronym RHR, that clearly refers to their surname's initials.

Although having a common love and passion for Blues and Rock, the RHR project is not only a record displaying three different ways to approach Blues and Rock but serves also as a platform for the three musicians to showcase their own style and personal ability as singers, songwriters and guitarists, joining forces, from a songwriting aspect, just on the instrumentals that inspire the album title, Mahogany and Drift.

We very rarely, on our website, get to talk about artists sharing our same geographic roots. Just like Bluebird Reviews, the 25-years old pop/country artist Max Ater comes from the home state of Maine and, at his young age, he has got already quite a story behind him.

Back in 2012, age 19, this talented singer/songwriter won the prestigious show Maine's Got Talent, performing an all-original song and the following year, he released his debut EP called Up 'Till Now, a mini album where the young artist also produced the album all by himself. 

It is safe to say that love for music runs deeply in the DNA of the South Philadelphia-born singer and songwriter Gene Micofsky. After a solid start of his music career as a composer for films and TV, the next inevitable step for this very talented young artist was to release his very first solo record.

And what a special record his debut album called Amusia truly is! Released on 12th October on the major digital music platforms, Amusia is a record that reveals an artist with a deep understanding, appreciation and knowledge of music at 360 degrees. Adding to those qualities a natural inner talent as a singer and a songwriter, one cannot stop wonder really why Micofsky has been waiting so long to reveal his many skills as a musician to the world.

There are not as many pioneering artists left around as American singer/songwriter Don McLean. In a career span of almost half a century, McLean has been and still is one of the most prominent musicians in the history of American Music. 

After an 8-years hiatus from his latest studio album, Addicted To Black, Don McLean announced, earlier this year, the release of his 19th studio album called Botanical Garden, one of the most significant works in the overall glorious career of one of America's most iconic artists.

Music business is an environment where it is sometimes easy to get burned off by popularity, stress, pressure and the hard life On The Road, unless you are an artist provided with incredible tenacity, motivations and, most importantly, bags of talent.

For the New York singer/songwriter Sari Schorr, the last two years of her life have been, perhaps, the most intense that the artist has ever lived so far. The 2016's debut album A Force Of Nature saw Schorr being deservedly catapulted to the top of the Rock and Blues charts worldwide, thanks to an irresistible combustion of late 60's and 70's Blues, Funk and Psychedelic Rock, a very inspired songwriting and, most of all, to an extraordinarily powerful voice that brings shivers in your spine.


The last decade of the life and career of Blues/Rock Guitar Supremo and singer/songwriter Joe Bonamassa has been particularly intense, between touring, recording and releasing a myriad of live albums, being involved in many side projects (Black Country Communion, Beth Hart, Rock Candy Funk Party) and few studio albums.

Despite the global popularity, though and the immense talent inbuilt in this formidable musician, the latest Bonamassa’s studio albums didn’t manage to deliver quite the same level of artistic beauty that modern Blues/Rock masterpieces like You And Me, Blues Deluxe or Black Rock reached, for example. Sometimes that the American artist, somehow, might have perceived too, being the clever musician that he is.

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