It is incredibly fascinating to see the way we, as a society, all manage to describe snapshots of our personal lives through different methods, especially in a world like the one we are living in right now.

To Yours Truly, there are not many things better than music, to help to describe a life journey or to frame a special moment of our existences through lyrics and sounds, just as so beautifully did the New York City-based singer/songwriter Heather Eatman on her brand new album, called Gorgeous Maze.

When in 2015 the British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist sensation Mark Reilly, a.k.a. Matt Bianco and the renowned Jazz Dutch ensemble New Cool Collective got together to join forces for the very first time on a record, the result was quite spectacular.

The outcome of that collaboration was an album called The Things You Love, where the unanimous love for both parties of all the things related to Latin American music, Jazz, Swing and R&B, among others, it gave birth to a record of a certain sonic magniloquence, which saw unanimous consensus coming from both long time Matt Bianco and NCC's fans and the music press.

To record a live album in a moment of the world like the one we are all living, without an audience, it is one of the most difficult tasks for a music artist to achieve.

While many other fellow artists have released, during the whole of 2020, live albums related to shows recorded the previous year, in an attempt to make their records more credible, through the help of the crowd's participation, the Finnish Guitar Prodigy and singer/songwriter Erja Lyytinen has decided instead to go against the tide, following purely her instinct, by releasing a live album called Lockdown Live 2020, recorded live solely with Lyytinen's own band and nobody else present, with the idea of framing a special moment in time, in many ways, in the Finnish artist's personal and musical journey and of the state of the world, on a global scale.

2020 has been a dramatic year for many reasons, on such a global scale, not least, for live music, impacting so severely many artists and in many cases, their whole livelihood too. 

Although millions of said artists had to stop touring or, in other cases, forced to give up the idea of touring their new records, it was important though that some of those live tours abruptly interrupted by the pandemic needed to be accurately documented, either on CD or DVD, solely because they represented an important moment in time in their career, a little like in the case of the Blues and Blues/Rock Guitar Supremo and singer/songwriter Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

When an artist had the type of career that someone like the American Guitar Champion of R&B, Funk, Jazz and Soul George Benson has, at the very respectable age of 77, one would consider perhaps slowing down considerably, about making new records or performing live.

But that is not, in the slightest, the case of this formidable artist that, even at this stage of his career and personal life, does not stop to amaze audiences of any age range, thanks to his Guitar skills, technique, vocal strength and an overall amount of unimaginable talent.

There were a lot of expectations from the European Music Press, about the brand new album from the British singer/songwriter Malaya Blue, an artist that had very much impressed our website with her second album Heartsick, released back in 2016.

During the last 4 years, the artist from Norwich has been non-stop touring the whole United Kingdom from North to South and making herself well-known also in many parts of Europe, thanks to her many artistic talents and the curiosity from old and new music fans that the 2016 album had sparkled.

Music, as an art form, it has been heavily challenged, through the years but never in the way that it has been challenged since the last 12 months, due to the tragic circumstances taking place all around the world.

But, while those incredibly difficult times that we are living , they are affecting, sadly, the livelihood of millions of people, including, most certainly, music artists, it is also hugely heartwarming and very encouraging to witness that, some of said music artists, they are using their talent and enormous skills to create a sonic platform not only for themselves, but also for their fans or any music lover, a place where to find mental solace and where to regain that energy and feel-good feeling, now more than ever, necessary to carry on with our lives each passing day.

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