bethandjoewebBeth Hart and Joe Bonamassa

Record Label: J & R Adventures (Joe Bonamassa and Roy Weisman)

Release Date: September 26th UK and Europe; September 27th US.

Beth Hart (vocals)
Joe Bonamassa (guitar, vocals on "Well, Well")
Blondie Chaplin (guitar)
Carmine Rosas (bass)
Arlan Scheirbaum (keyboards)
Anton Fig (drums, percussion)

This is the band that was assembled for Joe Bonamassa's (2009) number one blues album, The Ballad of John Henry.

olgacoverwebNew Orleans blues singer Olga Wilhelmine Munding and Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars and Hill Country Revue have teamed up to write and perform a contemporary pop album with an 80's feel. Olga's voice is a smooth blues vocal which has been compared to Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks and the alter ego of Paul Westerberg, Grandpa Boy. She was classicly trained and later heavily influenced by Jessie Mae Hemphill. Olga has a long history of music recording as well as acting, and involvement with cultural celebrations in New Orleans, through the Krewe of Muses. She is a founding member of the Jessie Mae Hemphill foundation in New Orleans.


nma_cover_smallThe North Mississippi Allstars: Keys To The Kingdom

Released: February 1, 2011

Songs of the South Records

This album is dedicated to Jim Dickinson, Luther and Cody Dickinson's late legendary father. He died on August 15, 2009, and a few months later, Luther and his wife welcomed a baby into the family.

Jim Dickinson was a blues pianist and session musician, as well as a producer. He was also a blues historian enthusiast to preserve the style of music specific to Northern Mississippi. He told his sons that production in absentia is the highest form of honor and they took this seriously. With strength, courage, faith and humor, this family looked death straight in the eye - because in their circle - life is celebrated hill/country/blues style.

The old school soul man who played alongside Mick Jagger at the Grammy's this year was able to make the late Solomon Burke proud.

I picked up his album "The Way I See It," and one critique from another writer was that it was 'too Motown."

What can be bad about that?

I love the album because he is a solid representation of the soul sensibility, which I think in today's music, actually gives him a modern edge.

thumb_foghat_last-train-homeFoghat? Really?  Wait, let me check the calendar... nope, it is the 21st Century. And I haven't used a time machine (at least for this). But, I am really pleasantly surprised by this NEW, 2010 release.

I am currently listening to this online. CBS Records did a good thing and was streaming the entire new release, in a loop. I'm glad I found that stream, because I never would have thought of buying a new Foghat album. Last Train Home (june 15, 2010)

This is not the Slow Ride 70's anthem rock, and it is not the horrible stuff they put out in the 80's. (I listened to a greatest hits, and the post-70's stuff were neither greatest, nor hits).  But, wow, this new release sounds like a mix of old, very old Fleetwood Mac blues, some early bluesy Aerosmith, a little Black Crowes, and a bit of Buddy Guy.

Black Country Communion (First Album)Black Country Communion first album

Released : (UK and Europe) September 20, 2010; North America (through J & R Adventures) September 21, 2010

Label : Mascot Records

Artists :Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, Glenn Hughes and Derek Sherinian

From the BCC website :

"All songs are sung by Glenn Hughes, with the exception of Song Of Yesterday and The Revolution In Me which are both sung by Joe Bonamassa.  Hughes and Bonamassa share lead vocals on the songs Sista Jane and Too Late For The Sun. Also included on the album is a new version of Medusa, the classic rock song that Hughes originally recorded with his first band Trapeze."

"The Black Country" is a region in the Midlands, England. It got it's name, as legend has it, because of the industrial iron and steel work practice of coal burning. which made the area buildings and landscape covered with soot. In literature, the Black Country has been referred to as dark by day, but ablaze with flames at night, because that is when the coal burning would happen in the villages.

What, pray tell, shall I say ??thumb fiona

Maybe the way she hums at the end is indicative of the moaning in the real Danses Macabre? But then, the theme of her lyrics dovetails nicely with the moral of this ancient genre ... universality. In this piece, she seems to state that she is perfectly happy alone. To be kind is to be better than smart, and you can almost imagine her waltzing by herself in a room. Here is the similarity ... in death, indeed, you will from everyone part. (Will you be happy then? Content by the life you lead and all your earthy contrivances?) If you cannot accept even yourself as a partner, how can someone else, no matter how smart you are? If your whole life is a frantic run from (and to) death, how can you find the civilized and modest pace of the Waltz?

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