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"A solo artist, bringing new music that is a creative sonic blend of rock, that remolds his sound and, thought-provoking lyrics, while offering great melodies and arrangements for the modern audience with a positive outlook."


Frank Palangi's influences include Metallica, Megadeth, Godsmack, Def Leppard, Creed, Day of Fire, Three Days Grace, and Johnny Cash.

May 19, 2012



It's Raw...It Rocks...It Rolls...

It's a cataclysmic blast!

"My wild Indian
heart was pounding, I was running so fast..."

From lyrics: "Honey from a Knife"

 Choice of Weapon is the Cult's ninth studio album. Released on Cooking Vinyl, produced by Chris Gross and Bob Rock, Choice of Weapon is a multi-faceted, musical journey that jams on every level.



Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore: Longtime Friends In the Blues.


With Henry Gray, Kirk Fletcher, Chris James, Patrick Rynn and Brian Fahey.


Howlin' Wolf~ "One day this boy (Tail Dragger) will take my place." 

Dreamy, ethereal, Bon Iver-esque vocals with thoughtful lyrics are the first impressions of The Radioactive Grandma trio works.  As the tracks keep streaming from their self titled LP, it turns into intense contemporary acoustic rock music that parallels the popular work of Mumford and Sons. Jamming guitars press lyrics into urgency without apology. Yet, there are echos and riffs that keep the sound in the popular rock category of what resembles early REM. Global influences seem to interject themselves as well.

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EP: 2012

Founded in 2008, Green Line Inbound (GLi) is a Boston based techno-hip hop band. They cite influences of Wiz Khalifa, LMFAO, Snoop Dogg, and even Dr. Dre. There is a modern R&B sound to their dance-party-pop form, and the influences are clear. Playing throw back favorites, old school hip hop, and running the edges of contemporary pop, the "wow" factor has been evident with this band that is collecting fans with every event and growing in popularity. Plus, these hard working crunk blasters use their cover bills to self-manage the finances of an original EP that was released this year (2012).

With guitar and music influences such as Umphrey's McGee, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Led Zeppelin, and The Grateful Dead, the song writers at Old English are working from a great foundation. This is an EP that builds a distinctive sound. It takes the broad range of progressive rock and gets to the point. Old English projects dedicated musicianship, weaving an openwork filigree that listeners can grab onto thread by thread. The whole of the music is also larger than the finer parts, but you will pick up something different each time you hear these songs.

~Bluebirdthumb oldenglishalbumcover



Dan Waldman

Album Review: Made of Wood, Chill Funk Trip

Released: February, 2012.  

Dan Waldman is an accomplished pianist. After a move from Worcester, MA to Alberquerque,NM, he dug into his vault of instruments and tribute tracks, turning out a mod techno record that is fused with jazz inspired old school retro funk.

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